The saga continues.....
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Jack came home from the hospital on Saturday. He was still very weak and needed help walking. At the time they said that the infection was gone but he should start getting his strength back in a few days. A nurse was coming to give him his antibiotic through a PIC line that they put in his arm for the next 9 days and he had a prescription for an oral antibiotic to take for 9 days.
He did not get his strength back and just laid in bed. He was not eating any better either. By Sunday night, when he wasn't feeling any better, he asked me to call the Doctor an find out what we could do. We both thought that he was too weak to come home and should have gone to a home until he got his strength back. The doctors assistant agreed that was a good idea but she said that to go to a nursing home from home there was a waiting list of about 3 weeks which wouldn't help now. The only way to get in right away is from the hospital. Since it was a holiday she said to go to the ER and when he was in the hospital talk to the social worker to try to get him into a rehab home. That is what we did and when they did all the routine work in the ER they found that he still had the infection and an irregularity on the ekg. They said that he may have had a heart attack in the last 4 to 10 days. They admitted him and continued tests to see if he did have a heart attack and to treat the infection. We did talk to the Social worker and she is trying to get a place for him at Twin Lakes when he is ready to leave the hospital.

Just talked to Jack a little while ago. He said that Dr. Sweeney came in this morning (that's his primary care doctor) and said that he definitely did not have a heart attack. He didn't say how long he would be in the hospital but he thought that it was a good idea for him to go to Twin Lakes or someplace like that. Yesterday when I was there he was asking the nurse about what kind of food he should be eating to get his strength back While we were talking on the phone just now they brought his breakfast selected by the dietitian. He sounded pretty good and said that he was feeling a little stronger. He has not had any therapy yet but it is arranged for him to get some.

The saga continues and I will keep you updated if things change.

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Good to hear from you, Shirley. I'm sorry that Jack is having such a bad time. Will keep you both close in thought and prayer. Stop back in when you have time. If you don't feel like participating, just hang out with us for a while. Sending you hugs.


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Thanks for the update, Shirley. Glad to hear he is getting the care he needs. Hope Jack continues to gain strength. We send hugs too
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Shirley - Praying for you, Jack and his caregivers.
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Oh Shirley, I see you checking out the boards every so often and I think you'll come on when you feel up to it. Thanks for coming on and letting us know the latest. You know our prayers continue for you and your family! take care
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Sorry to hear this. Shall be praying, of course.
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More prayers coming from Texas!!
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Oh my I cannot imagine all the emotions you must all be going thru. Please know you are in my heart!!
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Adding my prayers, and hugs, as well, Shirley. This has been such a rough road for you both. I'm glad to hear he's feeling a little stronger. It sounds like Twin Lakes is the best place for him to regain his strength.

Thinking of you both,

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Oh, Shirley, I am so glad you checked in. I was just thinking of you guys Sunday at church and wondered how things are going. I'm sorry Jack is having a difficult time, but I hope he will continue to improve and return home soon. My prayers continue!
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