Boston Creme Pie recipe
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Hey all,

My wife and I tried to make a Boston Creme Pie recipe that was in a recent issue of Cuisine at Home and found it just didn't work and we're trying to figure out why. We followed the directions to a tee - literally making the cakes twice to make sure we hadn't done it incorrectly, and still, instead of a nice fluffy cake, we came out with thin doughy/chewy cakes. The key difference that we saw was in the thickness - they were just incredibly thin while in the pictures the golden part of the cake was thick enough that you cut it in half to form the top and bottom of the cake. Anybody else have any trouble with this recipe?

Thanks in advance!
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You know I tried that recipe when it first came out, and I didnt like it either. Can't remember what was off about it and didn't note anything on the recipe so sorry, but you're not the only one.
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That's a shame when that happens - I haven't tried that one and doesn't look like I will either.

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Welcome, droskill! What issue was that in? Sorry you had bad luck with it, I'll have to check it out.

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I tried that recipe, it was in the sample issue. My husband and son liked it, I hated it. But, they will eat anything. I thought the cake was very tough.
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Would you like a recipe for the Boston Cream Pie? I have several versions, including one where the cream part of the pie is chocolate too!
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