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Received the eRecipe email from CAH which is featuring kababs. We loved the Bourbon-Glazed Pork Kebabs with Maque Choux! So I linked to the site and see that the August issue is posted. Table of contents looks interesting to me. Looking forward to receiving it!
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Same here, HC, especially the hot weather recipes. Thanks for mentioning the bourbon glazed pork. We would like that one!

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That burger looks like my favorite C@H burger - Piemento and something. Mail box stalking time again.
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DD is finally getting her subscription, so I'll have to tell her to keep an eye out. I'm already stalking my box. I'm going to have to contact Plate. The courtesy Sandwich book and my subscription have not come in YET! What's up with that???? If I'm not mistaken, it's been a couple of months!
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Had never discovered Macque Choux until C@H. Now it's a standby. So delicious.
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Okay, so I finally got around to subscribing, (I have purchased several of the books), but they have billed me, and I have paid, and I have yet to see the mag. And it has been a month! In the past when I have subscribed to a magazine they have tripped over themselves to get you the earliest month they could (you know, subscribe in June and they send you the April/May issue, and a week later the June/July issue!). And then, gosh, your subscription is almost expired - want to renew?

I just thought it was curious.

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