Sesame Ginger Salmon w/ Spinach Salad (Grilling II
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You can probably tell by my posts so far this week that we were cooking out of the Grilling II Book again. The Sesame Ginger Salmon was on for last night. We thought it was very good. As the marinade is being made you reserve 1/3 cup for the salad then finish the marinade by adding soy sauce and sesame oil. The recipe has a tablespoon of wasabi powder in it; I was expecting some heat, but my powder must have lost its kick. Going to try this again with some freshly opened wasabi powder. The instructions for grilling the fish are to put it on an open grill over medium heat, no turning, and brush with reserved marinade every 2 minutes. The salmon was delicious, but the bottom side of the salmon filets were burned - and the tops weren't browned; recipe photo shows the salmon top grilled. Any way, this might be a good candidate for planking... But the salad was the biggest hit with us. It's spinach, cukes, avocado, orange segments radishes and toasted sliced almonds with an asian flavor dressing. We will do this one again.

So, for the recipes already tried from this book...

Chicken in Tomato Tarragon Sauce, Fresh spinach & fennel salad, grilled cantaloupe with honey yogurt - Rated Good & Easy

Five-spice glazed chicken with plum salsa - Rated Very Good

Blue cheese steaks with grilled pears and arugula-walnut salad - Very Good

Huli Huli Pork with pineapple & peppers - Very Good

Peppered tuna with olive tapenade with cannellini bean salad - Very Good

Flank Steak skewers with chimichurri and charred corn salad - Excellent

Left on my list to try:
Shrimp stuffed avocados and pesto corn salad
Halibut jambalaya with couscous
Southeast asian pork loin in pork pad thai salad
Lemon garlic shrimp skewers on pasta with tomato corn sauce
Curry & Coconut chicken kebabs with coconut couscous
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Thanks again Jeanette! I'm marking them as you go! The flank steak is at the top of my list, so far. The salmon will go close to the top as well, but will probably have to wait until after the one someone else posted recently. I forget.

Strange about the turning part of the directions. I'll probably mark the tops then flip for the remainder of time. BTW, were your fillets skin on? I'm wondering if that would make a difference?
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Daphne - the fillets were skinless, so I should have adjusted the cooking anyway.
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Jeannette, I'm impressed with the number of recipes you manage to try out of all the C@H books. I'm pretty much an empty nester, Picky Jr eats nothing but pizza and Burger King and Picky's not much better, so I don't have the opportunity to cook at home these days. I keep trying, though, when my kids are around, they appreciate it! (And believe it or not, so does my ex-husband)

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Not sure what I'd do with a picky eater living in my house. Hubby appreciates good food and I love to cook; so we make a good pair. My MIL was a fabulous cook and she prepared a lot of ethnic dishes (Italian & Polish mostly) while he was growing up. We didn't permit the kids to develop picky eating habits by not letting them opt for something else if they didn't like the meal. After a while they became proud of their "daring" to try anything. I used to have the family vote on whether a new recipe would go in the keeper file or trash. But I think it was mostly Hubby insisting that they thank whoever made the meal when it was over.

For a lot of people, cooking is a chore and I actually look forward to cooking when I get home. We think we are really misplaced Spaniards! Sometimes eat as late as 10 PM!

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