I performed a miracle!
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I've been pretty sick for a week or so, and after tossing my cookies yesterday, I decided I would try a little rice in my stomach. Hubby has been very solicitous during my illness, but he is totally clueless in the kitchen and he decided to cook the rice for me. I was able to coach him through the cooking process and he produced palatable cooked white rice. Quite an accomplishment for us both!

Let me offer a piece of advice. Get a shingles vaccination!

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Sally, I hope that the rice held well, and that you are feeling much better soon.

My husband is totally clueless in the kitchen, too. When I broke my ankle, food brought by friends and my Mom lasted for a couple of weeks but he still had to learn a lot (he had no idea in which cabinet the pots were!). He did, however, get quite good at doing everything which I couldn't do while sitting at the kitchen table although he has now forgotten most of it...

Shingles vaccine. Do you get this if you have had chickenpox as a child, or if you had not?

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Oh my Sally! Hope you're back in fine fettle soon and I bet your husband was proud to be able to help you.

I'm so lucky, my husband loves to cook when I give him room in the kitchen.
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Thanks for the advice, Sally. Will look into it. My sister had shingles and was very, very sick. I hope you recover quickly.

Like Jean, I'm one of the lucky ones too. My hubby can cook anything as long as he has a cookbook to help him along.

Come back and visit when you feel better!

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Vicci, if you've had chicken pox, it's the same virus. It lies dormant in your system and returns as shingles when you're an adult. They attribute it to stress and I had a few extremely stressful weeks, but that's done now. Then I went on a pretty extreme diet and I guess going on the diet after having all the stress triggered it.

If you haven't had chicken pox, I don't think you need a vaccination. But, I'd check with your doctor.
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I am lucky DH is a great cook. I do encourage everyone over 60 to get both shingles and pneumonia vaccines. Check with your doctor first of course. My mother -in-law had a bad case of shingles and that did it for me. I was lucky since my insurance covered the full cost for both vaccines so I got them as soon as I turned 60.
I am glad you are feeling better and he was successful with the rice. Maybe now, he'll try other things.
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You guys are really lucky. My husband can't boil water, unless he has specific instructions on where to find the pot and how to turn on the stove. And is iffy even then.
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Hubby can cook. He follows recipes, but most his meals are about 45 minutes later than planned. He's not got the timing part down.

My son got shingles when he was about 11 years old. I think it was an unusual case. Then a spot on the back of his leg got infected with impetigo. It was pretty miserable - he missed a lot of school because both were extremely contagious. My grandma had shingles and so did my last cleaning lady. It put them both down for months. Bad stuff!

So the lesson here is to avoid stress? Yea, right! Hope you're back to good health soon, Sally!
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Sally, I hope you have a speedy recovery! Jeanette, I've never heard of a kid having them. My mom had them years ago...it was awful! As a matter of fact, I think she has had a few minor relapses over the years...not as bad as the original attack though.

I am lucky. My husband has developed an interest in cooking in the past year or so. So I guess I won't starve if I get terribly sick...LOL!
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Glad you are better "lxxf"! We've known several who have really suffered with shingles. For all who are interested, here's the Mayo clinic "shingles" info:


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