Thanks CJS!!
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Thanks so much for posting that KC rub and BBQ sauce recipe!! It was the first time I ever made BBQ sauce and a rub and they were both soooooo good!!

Next time I'll make sure to have some Pineapple Crisp for dessert for an "All Jean Gastronomic Event"!!

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that's funny! wonderful that you liked them both. And that pineapple crisp - yum!!
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Speaking of the pineapple crisp, William polished off the last of it yesterday afternoon! Last night he asked when I was going to make it again...LOL!
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I too will tip my hat to the delightful Jean. This was a wonderful recipe. I was expecting it to taste like the KC Masterpiece BBQ which is what I usually buy. Silly me!

We loved it. I made a double batch and have some ready in the fridge for anytime I need it.
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