Citrus Chili Baby Back Ribs
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from the new Grilling Book. Did these yesterday and we really enjoyed them. I did a search and did not see where anyone had reviewed these yet.

Made a couple adjustments in the method - since it's not 105° here (in fact its been spitting rain now and then), I did the 'pre-cooking' in the oven, then the smoker and finished on the grill.

I didn't make the Broccoli Slaw that shows with it in the book, because I wanted to try the Garlic Scapes (ramps) pesto with a little pasta and it's wonderful!! Will have the slaw tonight with something else.

Anyway, while the ribs are very good, I wouldn't put them in my top 5 of ribs (and we all have so many recipes for them they have to be darn good to reach that!). Just a nicely flavored rib.
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It is hard to beat a good rib...not a whole lot to do with them after a while. I'm hoping to get to Lowes this week and get this book, though.
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