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More and more I read the list of ingredients for recipes that call for "1 cup whole [uncooked] spaghetti, or "1/2 cup onion rings, sliced thick." I realize that most cooking isn't rocket science and a little bit more or less won't ruin a recipe, but I'm at a loss in the kitchen when I try to figure out how much uncooked spaghetti is one cup. Don't recipe writers realize how ridiculous it is to tell the cook to use a measure that isn't relevant to the material being measured?
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It is absolutely ridiculous to write recipes in that manner. And to top it off (at least with pastas) different pastas weigh in differently. There are lots of sites you can get this info, but in a perfect world, we would use more weight measurements over quantity.
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I often wonder about that myself. Sure wish all recipes would provide weight and measurement, so those of us who are lucky enough to have a food scale could just use that. I use my scale every day for all kinds of things.

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I have given faulty info on a few occasions- (few?)--you all and especially "sweet Jean" who I love have made me aware, in the most delicate way, of my error. Stormy, If I screw up, let me know, I'm sensitive, but I will correct it--I think most of us are that way. I'm not that good a typist and most of my mistkes (oops!!) are because of trying to get it done and not being literate. Welcome to the forum!! (I have never refered to a cup of pasta) (Maybe orzo?), and never will.
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Like Maryann, I use my scale on a daily basis and would rather weigh an ingredient than measure it (I once "checked" my 3 sets of measuring cups and they all were slightly different!). And I especially dislike it when the ingredients in the recipe are not given in the order in which they are used...

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Ooooo, another pet peeve of mine.
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Old Bay: Please, I didn't mean you and I feel bad to think any one would have interpreted my gripe as being directed toward those who contribute recipes to this or any blog. I appreciate it when someone shares their successes with all of us and allow us, in turn, to share those recipes with others.

My rant is directed against cookbooks that I've purchased. I used to think that one advantage of buying a cookbook was that it went past editors and proofreaders, who I thought would catch and correct problems. In recent years, I've seen way too many typos and spelling errors, along with recipes asking for the aforementioned one cup of dry spaghetti, ones where the ingredients are listed out of order of use, and even ones where key ingredients have been left out of the list but are mentioned in the directions (i.e., "Stir in flour..." What flour! There's no flour mentioned in the ingredients. How much? All purpose, cake flour, whole wheat... does it matter?).

Anyway, please continue to post favorite recipes. If any of us see a problem, we'll deal with it in a polite and adult manner.
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OMG, I didn't mean to sound defensive!!! I'm pretty solid my friend, and confident, and feel he same vibes from you.!! I was talking about ALL (including you and me) of us--your points are well taken, and I hope they are absorbed and we all go back to the book of personal experience and remember the recipes that p-s--d us off!! When in the middle we learned where the egg went!! Glad you are here--keep talking. Welcome to the club!! Be well, Bill
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