New Discovery - Use for Buttermilk
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While making a batch of homemade stovetop Mac-n-cheese I discovered I didn't have any milk or cream. I use a recipe I got from Food and Wine about 10 years ago. I had some buttermilk on hand and decided to use that instead. It was really wonderful! My husband loved it and just gobbled it up. I just wanted to pass this on.
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Karen (iCook)
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Thanks Karen, that's not something I would have thought to try and it's a great idea. I don't always have milk on hand, but I do keep powdered milk and powdered buttermilk in my pantry. Will try it next time.

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Like Maryann, I keep powered on hand all the time...just for such cases. That, and rarely do I need more than a little buttermilk (except for my chicken brine)and buying a quart for a small amount is just wasteful! In the case of the powdered milk, I always have that for Jean's Pizza Dough, which I use a lot and has come in handy during more than one emergency! Another thing I keep in stock is evaporated milk...another life saver in the kitchen!
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I love to use buttermilk in mashed potatoes - can't stand to drink the stuff but love to use it in cooking!
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I likes to drink the stuff. Finally went and bought the powdered stuff since it lasts so much longer.
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What a great idea!! I love to use buttermilk in different dishes, but haven't tried this yet.

Now, you're making me think of Uncle Wallace's pancakes!!! )
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