Rib Eye roast
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Do you guys have any good recipes on preparing Ribeye Roast?

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Since I'm not a butcher, I doubled checked with the meat man. As I suspected, he says prime rib IS a rib eye roast. Now somebody may come along to totally blow me out of the water on this....

That being said, you would do what you did with your prime rib for New Years...as discussed on your Prime Rib Dinner Thread . OR you could do something different that you didn't try if you weren't happy.
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Geez, live and learn....Funny thing i thought to myself..it looks just like that prime rib i made for New year but figured naaaaaaaahh...cant be.

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What the heck..my posts aren't posting so going to try this again.

I say sure it would. It just might not take as long to cook as bone in. Also if there is a side with more fat put that side up.

Edit - Ok saw that I did post but it was under your other thread

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