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Returned early this evening from my annual mission trip to Appalachia to do home repairs. It was a rewarding week. My crew replaced underpinning for a young family with 3 children. The mother has some significant health problems and dad has a low wage job as a logger. They appreciated the help and we enjoyed getting to know them.

While we're there we stay in a local school and eat typical cafeteria fare. It's usually only edible. This year we had a cook who just poured her heart into her work. We had home made chili, lasagna, and sweet rolls. Of course we had to have ice cream about every day as well.

I'm always happy to come home and sad to leave my new found friends... until next year anyway.
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What a great job you do!! Welcome home.
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Oh that sounds so nice. What a wonderful thing you do.
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Yes, welcome back. What an amazing time you must have and a contribution you must make. My hat is off to you and your group!
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Welcome back! I do so admire what you do for these underprivileged people.

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Welcome home Jeannette! Glad you are back safe and sound, and that it was a rewarding week for you. Also very glad you had a decent cook this time. We really appreciate our "creature comforts" as we get older, don't we?

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We really appreciate our "creature comforts" as we get older, don't we?

So true!
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Oh that is truly inspiring! Glad you're home safe and sound. Do you have pictures of your trip? Would love to see them.
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I agree with Denise...where's the pics?

I'm glad you're back safely and you had a productive mission.
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Okay -- here are a few pictures of my crew and our project.

[Image: Crew1onSunday.jpg]
My crew on Sunday before the work begins.

[Image: Crew1onFriday.jpg]
My crew on Friday after our work was finished.

[Image: Insulated.jpg]
Framing and insulation work. Notice how straight the boards are!

[Image: Finished.jpg]
Finished section with the gate.

[Image: MistyMorning.jpg]
Morning mist on the mountains.

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