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I'm making this a separate post from the farmer's market one so this doesn't get lost. We stopped at a little place, Bert's Pub, for a little refresher and found a jewel of a place.

First of, all you sports fans, do you know there is a sports test/game thing you can enter and win all kinds of trips and great prizes? The cutest little bartender and one one of the patrons were working this thing like mad, the patron is trying for a trip to Tahiti and evidently the way it works, anyone else in the same bar can play and add to his scores. That's about all I know about it, but it was sure interesting to hear these young guys just jumping all over some of these questions - I even knew a few!!

Anyway the bartender broke away long enough to tell us (and pour a glass of wine ) about their Pigs Wings. We ordered them along with a Mongolian and a garlic sauce to try with them. (there were also three other sauce choices)

Pigs Wings are pork shanks that are braised (bone in) just to tender then they are deep fried - and oh my, are they ever delicioius! They would be so fun for a starter to a not so elegant dinner party - just a fun kind of dinner.

Something to play with in the fall/winter time.

ALSO, this was the first bar I've found that had all the Johnny Walkers - red & black, that I'm used to but also green and blue label that are supposed to be outstanding. But, I'd already been wine tasting for a 'little' while, so better part of valor was not to start imbibing in shots at that time.

But, at least I know where to go to do my tasting of these labels that I've been wanting to try.

Well, this kind of ends our excellent adventure - except one more little side note that was interesting. After leaving Bert's Pub, we stopped at one more tasting room, and darn it I can't remember the winery name (it's in the bedroom with Gert & Roy) so I'll add it later. Never tried the wines before and they are wonderful - Bill, will look and post it for you to look for.

Anyway, we were telling the little gal who was pouring where we had been and she got this big grin on her face and told us Bert, of Bert's Bar, is her brother!!

We finished off our day of grazing splitting a club sandwich and having a wonderful bottle of Thurston Wolfe's '07 Zin. Oh my, it was good - the wine.

Roy & Gert just woke up - the winery is Gilbert Cellars - Bill (or any other interested wino ), if you look them up, their wines are all outstanding. We "try" (so hard) to just buy one bottle at each winery that we like, but we had to flip a coin here, they were all so tasty!

We bought two this trip -
'06 Allobroges, a blend that, darn it, I didn't get written down.
and their '06 Syrah.

That's all, folks, now home to work. We're helping neighbors with a yard sale next week, so have to start going thru things....
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It all sounds so fun....and pig's wings, huh? I'll have to run that one by William. Work is slow again, so I still haven't gotten to the bacon or the half piglets, but before the summer is over for sure! I'm thinking if we broke the piglet down to ribs and such, we could give this a go.
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When I brought home some pork shanks I was thinking of different things to do with them and found a site that talked about "pigs wings" as being the next BIG thing. I am waiting until it cools off for any more braises though.

Sounds like a lot of fun Jean!
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Hey Sharon - here's another one!! right up your alley - or Linda's. Guess I'd better alert her also for fall golfers.
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What a fun trip! I have never heard of pigs wings before. I think I want to try this
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We bought a case of them to try, and they were fabulous (even though we didn't deep fry them). They were smaller than most pork shanks I've seen. If we ever make room in the freezers, we'll buy more.
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Geez, for once we must be in front of the group here. Pig wings have been around this area for years. We didn't put them on the menu here, we are still trying to stay away from the typical "bar" food, and they are on most other bar menus around here. Actually, the medieval feast served at the Inn we used to work at, serves those as the one protein selection, since it is finger food.

I have had them, and when you get them from the food purveyors, most are pre-cooked and cryovacced so that there is an incredible shelf life to the things (which kind of scares me), but that is one of the reasons they are such a popular menu item for the bar scene. they just need to be heated and sauced.
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that's interesting, Linda - what kind of sauces are normally offered with them back there?

I was only able to try the Mongolian and garlic sauces - which were so good.
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Ours came pre cooked and frozen. We slow cooked some in his apricot chipotle sauce, and some in a green enchilada sauce. i've never seen them on menus here, I hadn't even heard of them until Jean mentioned them.
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Very interesting, I'm only 2 hours west of Linda and have never heard of pig wings. But, since she is closer to Buffalo, maybe someone in that area came up with the idea since Buffalo wings were so wildly popular.

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