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Okay, so I've been a little absent for a couple days. But thanks to Erin, I've been buried in the archives of the Julie/Julia Project and rereading My Life in France in anticipation of going to see the movie!

But I have GOT to share the two most WONDERFUL experiences of the weekend! First, I have a confession, this first picture is from day two...I was just too excited on day one to get a picture. William sent me to get catfish to fry. When I got to the fish market, I discovered I could get grouper for the same price. *Jean gasps!* It was wonderful with just slaw and fries Saturday night and then as fish sandwiches (which I dreamed about all night) on Sunday....YUM!

[Image: Grouper.jpg]

The other wonder of the weekend was that William FINALLY got me out on the lake!!!! YEAH!!!!!! It's not the fastest or the prettiest, but it sure is the coolest boat on the lake....

[Image: Ferry.jpg]
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Oh Daphne, you got out on the lake!!!! Good for you both!

I'm drooling over that fish!!!

I added that blog to 'my favorites' but I haven't just sat down and checked it out....yet.
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I'll try to put together a little slideshow later. This was a shakedown cruise, and we've got a few kinks to work out. After that, I hope to get a few more pictures from the water I've been wanting to share.

Jean, beware! When you start reading that thing, you'll get sucked in! I haven't read something where I laughed so hard I lost my breath in a long time. Be sure to read some of the comments...some of those are as funny as the blog itself! (It gets a little slow in places...but worth it when you get to some of her better posts! And some will just make you drool!) I have also heard that you need to be sure to eat before the movie...the food stylings (is that a word?) are said to be outstanding!
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Daphne, what a wonderful boat. I am sure glad you are back out on the lake. Can't wait to see some more pictures! And yummy looking fish fry!

I haven't read the blog, but I am reading the book Julie and Julia. It has been fun. I am going to read my life in france next. Probably should have read them in reverse - or original - order. Oh well. PBS had some of Julias classics on TV and with some great chefs, yesterday. It was fun to watch. Especially after some of Julies comments and experiences! I just finished the chapter on Lobster and they showed that episode on TV. They did say they were running the program because of the movie coming out - and fundraising.
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Oh, the lobster episode....that was a riot! Has she freaked out and banged her head on anything while shouting obscenities, the floor while cleaning her kitchen floor with a toothbrush? I can't wait to order the book. I've heard it's straight from the blog but that it also includes more of her life beyond cooking.

Actually, Erin, you'll enjoy reading Julia's book after. I'm rereading it now and I keep checking the copyright date...there's no way Julie made up some of her experiences/lifestyle/habits in the blog so it would mirror Julia's life. It's amazing how parallel their lives truly were.
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Since Rob didn't recognize the boat, I'll go on and tell the story. (I kinda assumed this was a typical thing throughout CA...guess not.) William has been fascinated with this boat ever since he first saw it. He's a fool over the strange and unusual.

The guy that loaned us the boat had been on a trip to SA. On the trip back, they stopped off along the Guatemala/Mexico border and took a tour down river to view some Mayan ruins. This is the type of ferries they use for pedestrian travel up and down the river. He said the ride included about 15 people with their purchases. Some purchases being chickens and goats...LOL!

ANYWAY, he was so fascinated with how easily this long narrow boat traveled up and down the river, he took pictures and measurements....then came home and built one. He's had it in the ocean and pulled his kids tubing. It's a very stable boat and does not have ANY trouble planing off like you would expect...stays flat and even! (He's quite good with boats...he runs a boat tow service and has been known to go out a hundred miles to salvage a boat.)

So that's the story of the Guatemalan Ferry that now plies the waters of Lake Waccamaw, NC! (At least for a summer)
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What a wonderful story. Are those palm trees on your boat too?
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Thanks, Daphne. Interesting. I'm not in an area that would have those, so I've never seen one.
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Karen, the palm fronds come from wild palms that grow wild in wet places around here.

Oh, so you don't live near rivers, I suppose. It would be interesting to find out if it's just a Guatemalan thing. It also reminds me of the boats I've seen on those shows about the floating markets in Asia(?).

William has threatened to get a goat and put a couple of our chickens in cages on there when we ride for authenticity...LOL! I put my foot down on that one!
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What a fun place you have, Daphne! I really enjoy your photos and stories!

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