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I have been trying to follow the posts as much as I can but have not participated much because I am hardly cooking. I know how sensitive I am to smells so I even cooked a steak on the forman outside. (sent the grill to PA with hubby)The market here is very slow. We have our house listed far below what we paid five years ago. There have been about 5 showings in the past week, the feedback I did get was positive. No one is committing yet and there are no offers. Bummer.
Hubby left with a u-haul almost two weeks ago, and while that man can make me crazy at times, I love him and miss him so much. He loves his new job, but the apartment he got has some sort of terrible odor that he cannot seem to get rid of. Trust me, if my husband has to be bad! I know this is just a temporary situation, but aggravating all the same. I think the most difficult is not knowing how long it could go on. I do think that no matter what, the cats and I will join him before the end of August. I am just so sad and stressed. I am glad I have all of you to keep me company! Thanks!

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Theresa, I'm sorry you're having a tough time of it. No fun, is it? I'm kind of going through the same thing here. I haven't posted much either, because I'm not cooking much. Picky is moving to another town next month so his son can finish his senior year in a bigger school. Can't quite wrap my brain around that one yet, I'll still see him but will remain here because it's closer to my work and I'll keep the home fires burning.

I hope that next month, you and the cats finally meet up with your husband

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I know this is such a stressful time for you. But I also know you are up to this task more than you realize. Don't get too caught up in the details. Things will happen when they are ready and it'll be sooner than you know when you get to go out and join hubby
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Theresa, just keep in mind that while it is a tough time to sell a house, when the shoe gets on the other foot, it's a great time to buy!!!! Hang in there, count your blessings and be well. Regards, Bill
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Oh Theresa, I'm so sorry you're going thru this!! Is renting your home out an option? Whatever you do, it's going to seem like forever.

Just keep copying recipes that we talk about daily and you'll have quite a book to play with when you two are settled in.

Take care!
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I hate to hear that things continue to be slow, but like William always says, it could be worse. Chin up, my dear! I know you can do it and know it will get better. I'm happy to hear hubby likes his work, so there's one good thing. And at least you have a definitive deadline on your move. Another positive, the separation will make the reunion that much sweeter!

And hey, say hi on those times you do check in! Although, I can empathize about the not cooking thing. When I was at my lowest last spring, it was just too depressing to think about it, so I avoided coming on.

Finally, remember we are always here for you and miss you terribly! We'll be waiting!!!!!
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As always, you guys are the best and really perk me up! Thanks for the pep talks. I know things could be a lot worse, and I try to count my blessings. My husband is also my best friend and we do practically everything together so it is just harder being apart.

PJ, I am so sorry you have to endure the same. It just doesn't seem right to be married and yet not live together. At least we know it is temporary for both of us. As much as I joke about him having his own place and just coming to mine for meals and conjugal visits, I never really mean it!

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Theresa - just think about how great your reunion will be! Hang in there, good things will be coming your way.
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Theresa, there's not much I can add at the moment except to say keep checking in and visit with us for a while even though you aren't cooking. We can all keep you company. And you can still put in your two cents worth when the mood strikes. It's always good to hear from you.

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Well, pooh! I had given hubby the heads up that when he was scheduled for the next meeting down that way he was going to have company. He came home YESTERDAY to tell me that he was going to be down there mid-August for 3 days. I was going to pm you today. But if you don't expect to be there until the end of August, he may just be on his own.

I would have been happy to assist in the unpacking!!! What a bummer!

You can add my sympathies to the fact that things are not going as smoothly as you had hoped in the home sales dept. And I understand the separation bit as well. Couple of years ago Bruce was sent to Jersey when the union went on strike. What was supposed to be a 2 week stint ended up to be 3 months with him home twice for 2 days each time. Mid-May, the union here went on strike so he worked every day from 6 to 9-10, came home, ate whatever I heated up for him and went to bed. Might just as well been someplace else.

Like the others said, keep checking in - we are good for moral support when times are tough and we do one heck of a good job cheering good news!!

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