Cr*p Part Deux
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Well, as of today, I do not have a complete collection of C@H. The eBay auction I won last week that advertised 'Issue #32' as well as "Issue #31" was wrong. They were promo issues that reused the covers of these two issues. #$!@$!*%^#!

I hate this, C@H, please stop doing this!!

I left my first negative feedback and I have my reasons. The seller knowingly went to C@H and advertised the contents from the softcover bound issues for #31 and #32. They did not match the contents of the issues I received today. Surely she should have known this.

Secondly, the issues do not have any issue numbers on them, they were concealed in the pics in the auction.

And lastly, I was so excited to have had won this auction, I missed out on another that did have the original Issue #32 in it.

So if you're the seller reading this post, please explain yourself.

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Oh Barbara, what a disappointment!! I hope the seller does come on here and sees your post.
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What a stinker!!! If your watching.... *blowing raspberries*
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Well I had a couple emails with the seller today. I informed her that these were promo issues with reused cover photos and since they had no issue numbers on the front covers, she should have suspected something wasn't right. So I then gave her the link to the 2002 softcover bound set on this sight. Yeah, she admitted going there to match up the cover pics. But the cover copy was all different!!

She claimed ignorance and that she had been receiving [Email]C@H[/Email] for "several years". I remarked that she should've known that if there's no issue number on the cover, then it's a promo issue. And then I told her I didn't believe her because the recipes in the real issues didn't match up to the ones in the promo issues. I mean, how could she not see that?

I lightened up and gave her a neutral feedback instead of negative like I wanted to do. My feedback remark did note my discontent, though. If anyone buying on eBay wants to know who this seller is, pm me.

So the search is still on!!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life has given them vodka.

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