What's A Griller To Do?
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Hey All,

Now that it's the almost the end of July (!), I just found out another reason why the hubby balks at grilling.

It's me.

This week I bought two ribeyes at Wegman's - one is 13 oz and 1 1/4" high all around, and the other is 12 oz and varies from 1 1/4" to 1" on one side. So I thought it would be best to grill these on our two-burner Weber.

Hubby balked.

It's me.

Seems that he's gun-shy to grill anything meat-wise because he either over cooks it or undercooks it and I get upset (on overcooking) because odds are, I've spent some bucks on those cuts of meat.

Grilling beef has to be one of the most difficult things on a grill. Think about it, different cuts of beef, height versus weight, and different grills to boot!

Your suggestions and hints could be a group cook instruction e-book - how do you all cook your meats on your grills? What kind of grills do you use? Indirect or direct heat? How long do you let the meat rest? (newest concept to hubby, btw) Size versus weight issues.

I've probably left out some q's, but this could turn out to be a cool thing!

And I'd like my hubby to get back to giving me a night off, sort of!

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Barbara - number one is get an instant thermometer!!! Do not pass go...just get the darn thing. And number 1A is make a copy of this and give to your husband or to whomever is going to do the grilling.

2nd - for steaks, heat your grill on high until the temp of the grill (there is a temp. gauge on your grill, isn't there?? ) is up to at least 400°F. If you don't have a gauge, stick an oven thermometer in the grill.

Rub or brush both sides of your steaks with vegetable oil, generously sprinkle with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.

Now, for a steak 3/4 to 1" thick -

When the grill is hot, quickly put the steak over the heat (direct heat), close the lid and leave alone for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, open grill and with tongs raise the edge of the steak to see how done it is - turn a quarter turn if you want nice cross-hatch marks on the meat. if not, turn the steak over, close the lid quickly and let cook another 3 minutes. At this time, open lid and start temping the steak - don't go from the top down, insert the temp. probe into the side to almost the middle of the meat.

If -
120°F. - 123°F. and you like rare meat - pull it off immediately

127-130°F. for med. rare - pull it off immediately

130-134°F. for medium - pull it off immediately

IF you like the steak well done, I can't help you ruin a steak and someone else will have to help you.

After you pull the steak from the grill, put the steak in a warm oven for 4-5 minutes to let the juices reabsorb.

That's it! Grilling steak, once you've done it 2 or 3 times will be the easiest meat you will ever grill. IF you have to add a sauce, you can do that later after you feel more ccomfortable with grilling.

I promise you a wonderful steak experience.
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My huby does the grilling. Well, usually. I do have one really important bit of advice though - at least it worked for us, and even moreso now that I am requesting hubby get more adventurous in our grilling - fish, vegies, etc.

The Advice - The best thing I did was just keep my mouth closed when he screwed it up. I knew he tried and it was a learning process. Especially with different type of meats. Before I new it, he was reading up on it - a litle, and trying a little harder, and critiquing his own cooking. He has really gotten pretty good - unless he is preocupied or too busy gabbing with someone!

Second bit - it is easier to fix something under done - once it is overcooked it is over.

I and he - would rather cook a thicker steak. Easier to manipulate than a thin one. Also, just go with a better steak - even if it gets over done it will taste better.
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Good advice, Erin! Especially the not critiquing part.
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What Jean said. Ditto.
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Good tips, too, Erin.
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Thanks for all the tips!! I will print these out and help him keep a journal, too!

Last night I pulled out my cast iron Lodge and put his ribeye on first for a couple minutes since it was the thicker of the two.

Then I put mine on and cooked both for 5 minutes. Turned them and cooked another 5. Let them rest for 10 minutes (tented). Mine came out a little more done and his was perfect for me, so we swapped.

Yeah, it's a learning process.

Thanks All!!

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It sure is a learning process, ande, practice makes perfect. There's some great advice here, have fun!
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