Review - Grilled Romesco Chicken
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This is in the CAH Tonight Weeknight Menus Cookbook. It was just excellent. Chicken is marinated with a vinaigrette that is also used for the grilled fennel and onion salad with some paprika and garlic powder added. The Romesco sauce is roasted red peppers, vinegar, sugar almonds, tomato paste, salt and red pepper flakes, pureed in the food processor then reduced on the stove. I made a goat cheese polenta as the side. We will definitely make this one again!
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This was in the July 30 C@H email recipe too. My daughter made this and loved it as well. Nice to have a second review. I will have to work this in soon.

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So noted-another to try soon.
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I love it when everybody gets back into reviewing! DINNER IDEAS!!!!!

Thanks Jeannette!
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