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I have been on my new "new" medications for almost a week now and think I might live. For a while there wasn't sure I wanted to. As you all know, new medications means you have to make adjustments in what you eat, when you eat, etc. I am still in the adjustment phase, but am NOT in pain all day every day.

I have had to make a difficult decision and although it hurts, it is necessary. Jesse is 9 months old now and I haven't the energy to play with him or exercise him. It’s not fair to him to have so much energy and want to play and your companion just says, “Go away and leave me alone.”

My sister, Marilee, found a young couple what want a young dog, but not a puppy. The wife has had Goldens all her life and wants a “house/family” dog. We met and she and her husband played with Jesse for two hours. You should have seen the three of them together. So, anyway, either Tuesday or Wednesday I will be giving them Jesse. They wanted to know how much he would cost them and I told them that the WHO was getting him mattered much more than what I had paid, so they would be getting him for free. They were astounded because just from looking at him you can tell his breeding is impeccable.

It breaks my heart, but it will be best for him. That’s what love is all about isn’t it?
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Oh Billy I am so sorry about Jesse. Young, big dogs have a lot of energy and if not met, can become destructive. It sounds like you are making a good decision, and that they will be a good family for him.

I hope this is the fix for your meds. Good luck with it. I will be praying for you and for Jesse.
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oh crap, that's just rotten Billy! I'm sorry this is happening. How about a kitty cat??
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Oh Billy, my heart is breaking for you! I know how much Jesse meant, but you are doing such a wonderful thing to give Jesse to a family who will be more suited to his puppy-energy and antics. Will you be able to visit him? Or can they bring Jesse over for visits???

And good news about the new meds... fingers are crossed!

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Same here, Billy! This just STINKS! I think it's just awesome that you are thinking of Jesse, though. I don't know that I could be so generous after having him for 8 months. A cat is a good idea...or another try at a more mature dog. I wonder what the health requirements are for a companion dog? You know, those that are trained to assist. I'm gonna go check that out!

Hey, they're all over the place. The one I just read about in PA sounded like a good deal. They include seizure alert dogs, among others. They specially train the dog to fit your needs, too!

Here's a link to a list of links around the country: Pet Love Shack or just type in service dog and Google for more.
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That's awful Billyj. I feel just awful, I know you feel bad too. Poor Jesse, poor Billyj.
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You're a big man Billy, Jesse is a lucky dog--You will get your reward--doG is God spelled backward--they fill somewhat that need for companionship here on earth--like , well, the Holy Ghost, (I'm not that religious, it just seemed appropriate) be well my friend.
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I'm just happy we found such a nice young couple for Jesse. They live about 75 miles from me and yes I can visit. I will think about a more mature dog later, once me and my meds have settled in.

One of my nieces suggested I get a cat, but I'm just not a cat person. The Dr. also said no to cats because my immune system is suppressed and I am susceptable to pneumonia they don't want me to clean litter boxes.

Thank you all for your comments and support. Right now Jesse is having the time of his life with Marilee's 3 dogs. They all out weigh him, but he doesn't seem to care. His trouble is deciding which one to wrestle with first.
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Sweetie we're so sorry about Jesse - but we understand completely. I'm just so glad that Opie is little - if he was Jesse's size I think we'd have to do the same thing. Now we've just got to figure out how to travel with 1 cat and 4 dogs in a Penske truck!

Hopefully your meds will straighten out soon. At least you're not in constant pain. The flipping side effects can be so miserable. My girlfriend the MD calls me "pharmacutically non-compliant" because I won't take all the meds I'm supposed to. Maybe I should make us tshirts???

Love you bunches.
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Well poop that just doesn't seem fair. I applaud your fortitude Billy and you know what is best for you. I'm more glad that you found Jesse a good home. They're getting a very special dog because he was raised with a very, very special person

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