T.G.I.F. Dinner - 9/18
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We're having Erin's Green Bean soup and a salad, maybe a piece of Naan (from Trader Joe's) - keeping it light because I'm using the other half of the fruit pizza crust to make another dessert pizza.

A neighbor gave me a recipe that she has had that she thought might be good for me to have. Will post if it's good. The last one was sure tasty, but need to work on it and get rid of the 'Instant Vanilla Pudding' "stuff"

What's everyone (well, those of us left around here... ) up to for dinner tonight?
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We're headed to the beach in the RV for the weekend. Around 4:00 we're all going to walk over to El Torito (Mexican restaurant) for happy hour drinks and food, then get the kids ice cream and walk around the harbor.

My sister said the filet mignon quesadilla is really good so that's probably what I'll get. And a margarita on the rocks, no salt!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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We're doing our mystery box dinner--will report later.
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Oh Trixxee, I so wish I was going with you!

Gym night, so either something in the crock pot, or a pan of frozen pork enchiladas from the freezer.
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Have fun Trixxee!!!!

We're having beef tenderloin (on special) with horseradish sauce, baked potatoes and salad...typical Friday night fare. After a long week, it's nice to have an easy dinner.
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