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This morning William woke me up with a shout for the camera. You see, there is a growing family of eagles nested around the lake. From time to time, we'll spot one of them perched in the old Cypress tree out in the lake in front of the house....fishing or hunting ducks. I have tried twice to photograph them, but have not succeeded. Today was the day!

After an exciting start to the day we headed to church. We get out at 11 here, now, so we managed to grab a bite to eat before heading off on a field trip.

You see, my father's only brother is not doing well. A little background. My great grandfather died before he was 64. We lost my grandfather to Lou Gherig's Disease before he reached his 64th birthday. So my father was convinced he would not make his 64th birthday. He made it, but Alzheimer's took it's toll in February, soon after.

Now his brother is suffering similar symptoms. He's now in his early 80's. I don't know the particulars...I keep hearing dementia, but I don't really know. But he is starting to fade. Today, we decided to make the hour long trip to visit for the afternoon. He inherited the family homestead. (My grandmother insisted on moving to town when the boys were in high school.) The old house was moved from it's original location and my uncle built a nice brick house there about 30 years ago. His son has since done several remodels to the old 4 room house and created a very nice home.

While we were there, we visited my mother's home where she and her 5 brother's and sisters grew up. My paternal grandfather operated a Century Farm until a stroke made farming full time impossible when he was in his early 60s. He lived to be 94. My grandmother lived to be 98!

I spent most of my early years on this farm (we lived close by) until my parents moved to another city...but many summers were spent there after that. My mother inherited the homestead part of the farm several years ago, but has been unable to figure out what to do with it. During the time my grandmother lived and several years since then, time and nature have taken their toll, but we are slowly working on trying to at least preserve what is left.

Here is a slide show of our day. It was a melancholy day. My day

(BTW, photobucket seemed to be having problems when I loaded this. Hopefully, I got it together, but if there are glitches, I apologize.)
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Great pictures Daphne, You have gotten very good at putting those slide shows together! They are fun to watch. Watching buidings deteriorate is so hard. At least you can lease the land out!
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Next stop National Geographic, and the "Plantations of North Carolina"--wonderful story--I'm 66 and my family history becomes more precious every day!! Hold it as long as you can--and save their stories--write them down--I missed so much!! Your pictures and narrative are really well done!
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great slideshow, Daphne. Those old buildings are so wonderful to look at and think of the living they have done.
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Beautiful pictures Daphne! What a beautiful place that would be to live.

I understand the sadness - but the sense of family history! WOW!

Bill I wish I'd taken a tape recorder when Mom and I went on our "roots trip" to Montana! It would be so nice to be able to listen to her voice telling me about her childhood and mine in Montana.
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" It would be so nice to be able to listen to her voice telling me about her childhood and mine in Montana." Isn't that the truth Sharon! William's uncle, after much nagging by me, was supposed to be recording family history and stories. When he died suddenly, we searched his possessions closely with no results. This was difficult to accept. There are no other family members left that had the info he had in his head. I guess he thought he had time.

Yes, as bad as it looks now, I can close my eyes and see it all as it was when I spent so much of my time there...I could almost hear the tractor and children's shouts and laughter. Like I said, a very melancholy day.
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Daphne, your photos are wonderful! Like Erin said, you have gotten really good at these slideshows and your added notes make them even more interesting. What a great way to preserve stories and memories for your family.

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