Monday's dinner - 9/21??
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What is everyone up to for tonight??

We will be with Denise & Derick, Erin & Marye and so looking forward to it. AND, the weather is cooperating also!

Will check in tomorrow.
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  Re: Monday's dinner - 9/21?? by cjs (What is everyone up ...)
I'm kind of tired of looking at food. A salad would be fine for me. But, I'll be thinking of you folks!
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I'm making the chicken piccata I was going to make last night (got take out instead - thanks Barbara!). I'm making an orzo/spinach/feta dish from C@H and a salad with actual lettuce in it.
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An anon was looking at a thread from February I posted on a review for the Oven Fried Chicken Smothered in Onion Gravy from Issue 37; pages 20-21. I realized I hadn't made this dish since! I have everything to make it, so using my notes and suggestions from others, we're having it again tonight. This time I'll be serving it with rice and green beans. YUMMMY!!!

I hope the co-op cooks have a good time and share what they make/eat!!!!!!
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  Re: Monday's dinner - 9/21?? by cjs (What is everyone up ...)
well if cjs could pick and toss me some morels I'd love that.
I understand they grow well up in your neck of the woods.
I love them.
tonight, it's a light meal for us.
salad with vinegarette, tomatoes and guacamole, mashed potatoes with garlic and rosemary, oven roasted asparagus and home made crepes filled with pulled pork tenderloin and spinach in a cream/mustard sauce.
making some butter cookies for the rest of the week so we'll have those for dessert tonight.
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