Heading West - Part 2
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Seems like all of us have put off our vacations until this fall. So here I am, packing to fly out Friday morning to spend two weeks with Chels. This time it is a family affair with Bruce, myself and Kendra. Kenners is coming back the following Saturday, but Bruce and I are spending another week. I can't hardly believe it has been a year since we did the Thelma and Louise trip, but I can't wait to see my baby again!

I am hoping that the weather would be nice but it looks like CA is getting some serious rain. No matter. I can do the tourist thing in the rain.

I will try to pop in and out to keep track of my cyber family but it will depend on whether the hotels have computers that I can use. But you know I will be thinking of all of you!
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Linda, have a safe trip and wonderful time. I know you must be so excited to see Chels. Try to control yourself at the wineries, you lush.....teehhee.

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Have a fabulous trip across country! Post when you can.
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Safe travels! Has it only been a year??? Wow! Tell Chels hi for us!
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Have a wonderful time, Linda! We will all miss you and look forward to hearing all about your trip. Hopefully, the rain will let up by the time you get there.

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Have a great time, Linda!
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Oh fun vacation - one fun place you might want to try in S.F. is Cha, Cha, Cha - the food is so great!! And they have the best cookbook for all the memories of the dishes there. 1801 Haight St.

Their Black Bean cakes.... yum!!

Have a great time.
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Have a great trip! I hope you get a few days of sunshine while you're there. I can't believe you've survived a WHOLE YEAR! Have fun!
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Well, I am checking in. Of course I packed anticipating fall weather, and we have had upwards of 85 degrees on some days. Better than what I experienced all summer long!

Chels is terrific and we have had the pleasure of running around with her and the young man she has moved in with. I think part of his attraction is that he has managererial housing, i.e., a bathroom! And the fact that he is a sous in the kitchen doesn't hurt either. Of course that has become a factor for her in that they prohibit "fraternizing" and between management and union, hence she has been banned from the kitchen unless they are desperate. She is currently working in room service. Okay with me for the temporary but I don't want to see her waste that education. I think they are both considering alternatives come February when all the events die down at the Ahwahnee.

We have walked through all the big sequoias and will be staying in the park tomorrow night with dinner reservations at the Ahwahnee. They will be debuting their new fall menu that evening and quite a bit of it was designed by Reggie (the boyfriend), plus he will be dining with us, so it should be a great time.

Will keep you posted as I get a chance and can grab a minute on the hotel computers! In the meantime don't talk about anything fun until I get back!
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Have a great time!! Next time come a bit farther south and I'll make lunch

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