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Hard to believe, but it has already been two years that Allis (now 12) and her mother have been traveling to the States to receive treatment for Allis' thyroid cancer. So far Allis is doing well, although there HAS been a small amount of metastasis to her brain. The two-year visas they received back then just ran out, so they need to go through the application process, again, to get new visas before their next scheduled trip in January. That visa-application interview is going to be Monday at 7:30AM (local time, which is currently the same as Mountain Daylight Time or, for example, Denver).

Since the American embassy is in Tegucigalpa, more than a seven-hour bus ride from here, we will need to make the trip on Sunday, stay in a hotel over night, go to the appointment bright and early, then take the return bus ride after the interview. Please pray for our safety (I'll be accompanying Allis, her mother, father and sister) not only on the bus, but also in Tegucigalpa, where the political situation is more tense than it is here.

Because of policies enacted by President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, non-immigrant-visa services for Hondurans have been suspended, but there ARE exceptions for medical situations. Getting cancer treatment in the States that isn't available here SHOULD qualify, but please pray for Allis and her mother to get the visas, as well. One way or another, we will know the decision right after the interview, so I'll be able to tell you the outcome as soon as we get back.

Finally, after their being away for two months, my landlady and her daughter have returned. The daughter, Reymi (16 or 17) recently found out she has stage-four adrenocortical cancer, and the prognosis is not very good. I only saw them briefly, from my window, when I had just gotten home, and they were just leaving. Her mother (my landlady), her aunt and her older sister were struggling to get Reymi into the seat of the truck, and she looked very skinny, weak and pale.

From the little information I have heard while they were away, Reymi may have only a few months left, so please pray for a miracle and, in case God has other plans, please pray for their comfort, especially for the rest of the family, since Reymi's father died of cancer, himself, about ten years ago.

Thank you.
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You can count on our prayers - take good care and be safe.
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Prayers are on the way, Labs.
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We will be praying as well. Be safe my friend!
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Thanks for the update, Labs. I was just wondering about Allis the other day and meant to ask you. You can count on prayers being said for her, as well as her family, and for your safety too. That's so sad about Reymi,and I will include her in my prayers. Be well.

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I hope the Visas come through and all is well.

Such young persons, God Bless.

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my prayers are coming also for all of you
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Have a safe trip, Labs, and good luck to your friends in their treatments and recoveries.

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Thanks, everyone. With all the things we have to have ready to take with us, I'll probably be on the site less often than usual for the next few days, but I'll post an update when we get back.
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will keep you and your charges in our prayers.

go safely -

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