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Maybe somebody can give me advice...I used to be able to make beautiful just dont dry...they have this kind of a spongy cotton consistency...GRRRRRRRR...sooo frustrating...anybody has any ideas what I am doing wrong.
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I assume you mean meringue cookies or shells. From what I read and hear humidity is your enemy there. Try baking a low temp and leave in the turned off oven overnight and see if that helps. Have you checked the usual suspects, not completely clean bowls, yolks in the whites, etc. Also are you using lemon juice, vinegar or cream of tartar to stabilize and are your meringues at still peaks before going on the ungreased cookie sheet? I must admit until I started watching tv shows and reading forums, I did not know meringue could fail. I made it for years without giving it a second thought, be it for frosting or cookies. The only problem I ever had was it being too sweet for my taste. However, now I worry about uncooked whites in frostings, so do an Italian meringue rather than using the same plain one I use for my cookies. I just saw an episode of Ina doing meringues chantilly. The episode is airing again on 10/23. Hope that helps.

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