60th Birthday party
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Yesterday we celebrated my boyfriends 60th bday.
Had about 25 people over.
Tried a new appetizer and thought I should share it with you. Everybody were raving about it and it was so simple and fast to do.

Only need two ingredients

Medjool Dates
Goat Cheese

Take the pit out of the dates. Stuff the dates with goat cheese and bake at 350 for about 15 min.

Enjoy. I made 10 different appetizers for that party and I think this one was everyones favorite.
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Oh I love stuffed dates I do them with a bit of cheese and wrap them with prosciutto or thin sliced bacon.

What else did you serve? and pictures? That was a really nice thing for you do and I'm sure he just loved all the attention
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Thanks, we did have a good time. I dont have a lot of pictures but I will have a picture of the cake that made..I was soooooo proud of it...since i dont have a creative bone in my body it came out really good looking.
Here is the list of the appetizers.

Russian eggplant dip
Russian pastry with filling (pierogi)
smoked salmon/cream cheese rolls (was interesting since the samon mixture was rolled into a white bread that was flattened by the rolling pin)
dates/goat cheese
spinach dip
stuffed mushrooms
bread/w olive mixture on it
caprese tomato thingie
sour cream/onion dip

for the main dishes
marinated lamb kebobs
smoked ribs
greek salad

Sour cream apple pie

Highlights of the food were by far the dates, lamb marinate was really good, everybody raved about the ribs but I really cannot take credit for it, all the credit goes to the smoker I have. The two russian apetizers are kind of a staple at the parties here and everyone seems to enjoy them
If you want any recipes let me know.
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If you want any recipes let me know.

Of course we'll want the recipes!
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Ok...but which ones?
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For me, it would be the Russian recipes and the lamb kebabs. Also, curious how your stuffed mushrooms went over and what you used for the stuffing. Thanx!
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Here is the picture of the cake. So it had 3 layers (two lemon cake and a meringue) with whipped cream and strawberries between each layer. The top is strawberries dipped in chocolate.

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Ok...here are the recipes

mushrooms are always a hit at the parties. I basicaly fry small amount of bacon, onion and stems from the mushrooms. Add cream cheese and small amount of bread crumbs. Stuff the mushrooms and bake at 350 for probably 20 min or so.

Russian recipes.

Just remember all the quantities are approximate.

eggplant dip

grill or bake whole eggplants. You want to skin burnt. (about 5 large ones)

5 tomatoes- I usually put them into a food processor but dont make a tomato juice out of them...just enough to still have chunks of tomatoes left

3-5 cloves of garlic (up to your taste)

1-3 tbls of white vinegar ( again please taste as you go and see if you need more or less

KEY INGREDIENT IS: SUNFLOWER OIL (about a quarter of a cup) or less or more

Do not use any other oil, it adds that certain flavor that no other oil can produce.


After Eggplants are baked or grilled, cool them and take the skin off. I usually with a fork just break them up so they are kind of a mooshie consistancy, add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.


two sheets of puff pastry dough.

5 large onions chopped small and fried until carmelized.
add about 8 hard boiled eggs chopped
5 bunches of green onions chopped small

After onions are carmelized and while they are hot and eggs, and green onions and mix well. Add salt and pepper to your taste.

Put the puff pastry sheet on the cooking tray, spread the onion mixture on it and top it off with the other puff pastry sheet. Bake at 350 until golden brown.

Lamb Marinade

for about one boneless leg of lamb

two onions pulverized into an almost liquid consistency
one large plain yougurt container
paprik, cayenne pepper garlic salt.

Add cut up pieces of lamb into the mixure and marinade over night or longer.

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What an ambitious party! Cool cake! I know your guy must have felt really special. Love the eggplant dip....I wish my guys liked eggplant, but maybe the next appy event I'll slip this one in with the others. The sunflower oil tip is interesting...I don't think I would have thought about trying another oil to give something that extra something! I still don't know if I'm ready to try dates...just not into that sweet thing. But I do have some goat cheese...maybe...
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What a pretty cake, and I love your menu! Thanks for the recipes. Oh, and Happy Birthday to your boyfriend.

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