Chicken Tortellini Soup
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For the life of me I can't find the chicken tortellini soup recipe that was in Cuisine at Home. I tried the search-able index. Does anyone know what issue it's in? Thanks!
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In the first weeknights menu's book there is a chicken tortellini Soup with fresh pesto. In the most recent Soups Stews and Chilies book that came out last year (I think) they also have a Chicken Tortellini soup - minus the pesto. The soups are very similar. Slightly different quantities - but basically the same.

The recipes in the special publications books are not in the searchable index - unfortunately. If I can't find something in the index I am looking for - then it is usually in one of the books.
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Welcome Jamey - I didn't have any luck finding the recipe for you. C@H has some Chicken Tortellini soup recipes in different magazines and special booklets, but the ones I saw didn't have pesto. Hopefully someone else will remember.
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