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Years ago(like 20!) my mom gave me a small food processor called "little oscar"(I think) It was made by Oster and it was perfect for small projects. It came with the normal chopping blade as well as a slicing and shredding blade. I still use it if I don't feel like dragging out my cuisinart. My daughter has put this on the top of her Christmas wish list, and I found out it is no longer made. In doing some research, I found something called a salad shooter. My daughter is most interested in the shredding capabilities. Does anyone own one or heard any pros and cons for this device?

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I've heard of this product, but have never seen one and haven't heard any pros or cons about it. Good luck in your search.
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Theresa, I was hoping Jean had one and could give you a review...Jean and all her toys...LOL! ANYWAY, since she doesn't, I did a product review search on the thing. The first thing that popped up was Amazon with 108 reviews. Someone else on here may have one, but this will give you a start. I used to have one, about a 100 years ago...LOL! But it was a hand crank type and was really crappy. Hopefully, they've improved the thing over the years!
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Well, of course I'm embarrassed to admit to having one of these, but since you guys know my weakness for gadgets anyway...

To be perfectly honest, I've only used it a couple of times because most of the time I'm just cooking for the two of us and it doesn't seem worth the bother to get it out. But, you were questioning the shredding quality, and that is pretty good, IMHO. I have used it for shredding cheese, and also for shredding cabbage. Works great. It does not shred onions well, but will slice them.

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Theresa, my Mom gave me a lil' Oscar many years ago, too! I love it. In fact, I probably use it at least 3 or 4 times a week. It has attained that "aged cream-colored plastic" hue, and the cord is kind of grimy even though I will occasionally attempt to clean it with ammonia or whatever, but I dread the day it will no longer work. Actually, there is something odd happening with the cord and I have to hold it at a certain angle, near the plug, or it shuts off. Still, I use it!

Certainly there is a similar appliance that will have this chopping/shredding capability? I was actually given a salad shooter a few years ago but never really got into it. I use my 4-sided box grater for shredding most things (I use my Oscar 99% of the time for chopping small quantities of "stuff"), and getting the salad shooter out and set up seemed to take more time than it was worth.

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Oh thank goodness...I saw the word salad and shooter and thought that has got the be the most horrible cocktail ever!!
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Yes, I love my little oscar too and use it quite a bit. It saddens me that they discontinued it. I am not sure what to do. My daughters ask for so little that I try to find whatever it is they want. I do know this particular daughter shreds carrots almost daily. Her husband loves them with a little fresh squeezed lime juice and salt. She has a hand grater but would rather have something quicker and easier.

Denise, leave it to you to go there with this! haha. We could open a whole new kiosk at all the fairs, you with the salad shooters and me with my salad on a stick idea. It could be the next big hit!!!

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DH had a salad shooter when we got married and I think I've used it once in 15 years. I either do it by hand, use my Cuisinart or my newest toy, the Microplane grater. I love that thing. I use to dread grating cheese, but this grater makes it super easy and the removable side makes cleaning it a breeze. I also have a restaurant style cheese grater (bought it from Olive Garden year ago). In the winter, when I make more pasta dishes, I keep it with a chunk of Romano or Reggiano in the fridge in a Ziplock and use it a lot.
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Well, Cubangirl, this leads to the next question.....what is the brand of your microplane grater? Maybe I should be looking into those?

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A while back, I was looking for a garlic slicer that's almost like a tiny mandoline. Since I had heard of Microplane, I just guessed that that was what I was trying to find. After all, it is a micro plane made for shaving off very thin slices of garlic. What I found is that Microplane IS the brand name, and that they make a lot of nice products, but none that were what I had sought. Some of the things they did have were tempting, but I just can't afford to stock up on them.
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