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Just had to share. Steph made breakfast today. A future chef in the making?

[Image: DSC_0074.jpg]
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How adorable. The next Iron Chef!
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Absolutely! That's priceless! Thanks for sharing.

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How cute!! I bet you're proud, and rightly so!
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So precious, Erin! Another picture I'd like to see is the kids decked out for Halloween. I miss the little goblins! I'm tempted to ride around town and check them out this year.
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Not at all OT-- she may be joining us, here, in a few years!

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Now that is just too cute! Candid shots are just wonderful and more so when shared.
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It looks like breakfast--dedicated--thru the pain of waking up--men don't do that as well--she is sooo cute!!! I wish I had a grandson that age --I would forward that picture to him. Hmmmm, maybe I do!!
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what a great picture! -

and good for you for encouraging her to cook. - wish I had done that more

with my two.

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Hey, good for Stephanie!! She'll be lookin' for her toque before long.
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