If you like ginger....
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you may like these...I posted this in Theresa's thread, but I decided it would be lost. I know some of you LOVE ginger, and these recipes reminded me of you.

While looking at the MICROPLANE website, I discovered a "Recipe" link. NATURALLY, I checked it out. I thought of some of you....especially Billy...when I saw these: Ginger Citrus Pumpkin Pie, Lemon-Pepper Parmesan Crackers, and a new Smokehouse Rub.
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If you like ginger....

Actually, I always preferred Mary Ann.

Thanks for the info. I was planning to pick up some ginger, tomorrow, to make some ginger ale. Now I'll have to see what goodies that site has.
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"a new Smokehouse Rub." hmmmmmm, better go look.
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