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So I am sort of curious. It always feels like I am one of the last on at night (night owl on the Pacific Coast) and Jean is one of the first on in the morning (early bird - either coast).

So I am saying good night. And waiting for Jean to say good morning. Any of you who visit in between - please give us a Nod - "post either good night or good morning" and see who and when we are all lurking out there - or not.

Like I said - I was just curious.
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I am in CA and usually check in between 1:00 and 3:00 am. My favorite cooking time is around that time as well, so I tend to prefer recipes that can be made then and reheated or easily finished with minimal work the next day. Must be why I love braises.
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I am definitely an early to bed, early to rise person. Eastern Standard Time here, and I usually come on between 6:30-7AM and scattered visits through the day.

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Good morning-- today!

I rise earlier than DH a couple of times a week in order to get additional things done and I'll go online and pop in here to "catch up", but I am mostly here in the evenings (while he watches tv) so I will stay awake...

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I'm with Theresa. I guees it comes from years of getting up at 5:00am, just can't seem to break the hbit. Good Morning!
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Good morning from Ohio! You aren't alone, Erin. Sometimes I'm on in the evening as well. Like Theresa, I pop in and out all day so I can "visit" with more of our cooking family.

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Good Morning

Hi I like to come one early before I go to work so usually between
4-5 a.m. and then again in the evening around 8p.m. before I sleep.

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Boy, am I a sleepy head this a.m. - didn't crawl out of bed until 6:15 pacific time!!! I'm usually on between 4:30 and 5 a.m.

Good morning all!!

(We had to unpack, open, and dump two pallet loads of white wine yesterday - something happened during the sterilization process and it was going bad. We just worked our little butts off and crashed last night.)

Oh, I should say, I try to check in late afternoon, Pacific time, to make sure no one has pushed the moderator button.

As an aside - when we were at Erin's (was that just last month??? seems so long ago), it was interesting to see her computer set up (one in the schoolroom and one in the kitchen) - she's rather tall and her kitchen computer is on a shelf that was almost eye level for me. But, what was nice, I love to be able to "see" where friends and loved ones are when we're talking (computer or phone). Makes me feel closer to them. Did that make sense to anyone?
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Good morning! Although I'm not usually on in the morning (I'd much rather be sleeping) I think I might skew your "results".
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Good Morning, not an early riser here. Living with a shift worker the schedule changes all the time here, so I can be on at any time, it just depends
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