blackening seasoning for fish or poultry
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Does anyone have a recipe for mixing their own blackening seasoning?
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Welcome, crb! My husband HATES blackened seasoning, so I can't help you. Luckily, you picked a great site to check into. This crowd is a font of information, so I'm thinking you will get plenty of ideas soon.

Hopefully, you'll check out the other threads and join in the chat!
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I got tired of this trend really fast, but, we did enjoy this one -

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Blackening Seasoning:

2 T. paprika
2 ½ tsp. salt
1 tsp. each: garlic and onion powders -- and cayenne pepper
¾ tsp. each: ground white pepper & ground black pepper
½ tsp. each: dried thyme leaves and oregano leaves

Mix all together

"first made 2/3/07 - really a nice seasoning"
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