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I recall in a past issue of Cuisine at Home a pizza/calzone dough recipe - does anyone know what issue I can find the recipe in? I think it was the middle of 2008 or 2007 but time does get away from me.
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Could it have been either of these, found them using the onlin index.

Basic Recipes
Cuisine at home No. 71 (October 2008), pages 32-33

Who knows when you'll need a recipe for caramel sauce or banana bread? Don't worry - we've got your back.

banana (recipes)
caramel sauce (recipes)
pizza dough (recipes)
quick bread (recipes)

Pizza in the Zone
Cuisine at home No. 67 (February 2008), pages 6-9

Why call the delivery guy when you can have these calzones for dinner? Making them is easier than you think.
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