Hawai'i - Part Whatever
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Oh man, are we having some really good food and the views around here are just outstanding. The Arizona is being repaired and behind sheets of plastic, so we didn't go to Pearl Harbor yesterday. But, we will go today, just to 'be there.'

This was Roy's breaskfast at 'Grandmas' - the layers: rice, corned beef hash & eggs, surrounded by slices of spam...
[Image: ROYSHASH.jpg]

One day (I'm losing track of days now) we had lunch at Mama's Fish House (thanks for the recommendation - Sonja and Kim also thought we needed to go there). We were planning on just a poopoo and a drink, but they started us with a small cup of Tomato-Ginger Bisque that was great. Then we all shared this poopoo (I'll call them appys again when I'm home) - Seared Beef Polynesian, served in a grilled ripe papaya
the drink on the left was a guava coconut daiquiri - can't remember the name of Roy's 'martini' -something rum.

Someone weakened and looked at the dessert menu -
Mama's Chocolate Kuau Pie in a caramel cokie crust

AND this is what we were looking at as we imbibed - no wonder we didn't want to leave -
[Image: BEACHMAMAS.jpg]

Back at the cabin in Maui - where by the way our check in luggage (to get back to Oahu) weighed 47 1/2 lbs. (50 lbs. being the limit!) The attendents were hoping it was going to over, and they would get some of my new cookbooks - no way!

These little chamelons (the spelling is probably all off, but I can't find a dictionary and my companions are not English majors, that's for sure) are called Jack chamelons, so this is 'Jackie"

and this is 'Jackson' - see his horns? he has three and they really look wicked!

Yesterday, back on Oahu, Roy and I took off by ourselves - I think they were getting as tired of us are we were beginning to be of them - so we disappeared for the day.

We had lunch at Assagio's, where the epitome of a New Jersey gangster was the maitre'd (again sp?) and what a hoot. He spent 10 minutes recounting his time on Whidbey during the war - I'm assuming he was referring to the Korean Conflict.

We split poopoos of Clams casino and sausage and peppers - both were wonderful!! and we found a bottle of one of our favorites - Oppolo Zin.

and canneloni for dessert.

The waitress told us of two more restaurants we just have to try for some 'street food' type food, so we'll try and work them in also.
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Jean that looks like so much fun - expect for the spam . Beautiful places, great looking food, and cute little critters. How fun.
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Wow, wow, wonderful! So glad you two are having such a great time. Thanks for the pictures, they are really brightening my days
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Breathtaking photos! Makes me want to go there. Hope you and Roy are having a wonderful, wonderful time.
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Oh Jean, I would not blame you at all if you never went home. No wonder they call it paradise. I had better never go because they would have to drag me home kicking and screaming. The little chameleons look more like iguanas to me. So cute. And I love what they did with the star fruit! I may have to fit that in over the holidays. It looks so festive. Thank you for sharing with us. As Cis so aptly put it, you truly are brightening my days.

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Oh Jean, I bet you are just having a fantastic time. I hope you all get some space and can really enjoy the time together and your time apart exploring.

The food all look fantastic. All that fruit and freshness! Yum!

The pictures are wonderful. I am so very envious. Just so you truely enjoy your time there - it is 44 degrees - might get to the high 40's today. When I got up this morning it was raining and 36. Friday night is supposed to be rain and snow mixed on the higher hill tops, and a pinapple express is supposed to hit by Sunday I think. Enoy the tropical air, sun and warmth. The rain, and crisp (read cold) sunshine will be hear waiting for you on your return.
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Oh, Jean, this all looks so wonderful! I found the use of the spam hilarious! Although, the ketchup (?) was a little off-putting, but then I've never been one of THOSE who enjoys ketchup on my eggs...EWWW! The food and landscape look amazing! I'm glad you two got some time alone together. I'm thinking that would be the best part. I'm sure your host and hostess enjoyed the break as much as you did! Two weeks is a LONG time!
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Jealous! Did you see any windsurfers in the water while at Mama's?
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The food, the views-- it really is paradise!! Continue safely on your incredible vacation (and keep posting!)

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Beautiful pictures, Jean! Everything looks so festive and fun, and the food looks delicious. Thanks for brightening my days as well by sharing your wonderful vacation.

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