Turkey Enchiladas with Cranberry Salsa
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I watched this recipe on a local show the other day. It was demonstrated by a local chef. This looks great to do with your leftover turkey!!! The recipe was so pretty. The enchiladas had a white sauce over it and then when it was done cooking, they spooned over the cranberry salsa. Just very pretty.

This morning, Chef Bill Roche stopped by the Showcase Minnesota kitchen with a great recipe for Thanksgiving turkey leftovers--turkey enchiladas!

Turkey Enchiladas with Cranberry Salsa
Makes 6 enchiladas: 2 - 3 servings

Turkey Enchiladas
6 white corn tortillas
3 oz Jack/Cheddar Cheese
12 oz Turkey cooked, pulled, and heated
9 oz Sour Cream Sauce (see recipe below)
¼ cup Cranberry Salsa (see recipe below)
3 cilantro sprigs

To prepare:

1. Place enough canola oil in a large sauté pan to completely coat the bottom over medium heat.

2. Place as many tortillas that will fit in your pan without overlapping. Heat for 10 seconds

3. Flip tortillas over, sprinkle each with a 1/2 oz of cheese and cook till cheese begins to melt.

4. Remove the tortillas from the pan, and place on a clean work surface.

5. Spread 2oz of the heated turkey down the center of each tortilla and roll tightly.

6. Place 2 enchiladas on a plate and ladle 3oz of sour over the enchiladas, completely covering them.

7. Mound 2 tbsp of cranberry salsa on top of the enchiladas at the center. Garnish with cilantro sprig.

Sour Cream Enchilada Sauce

¼ cup canola oil
1 cup onion - diced small
1 tbsp garlic - minced
2 tbsp jalapeno - minced
¼ cup flour
3 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk
2 tbsp chicken stock
½ tsp white pepper (to keep sauce white)
¾ cup parmesan cheese
1 cup sour cream

To prepare:

1. Place canola oil in a sauce pan over medium heat.

2. Add onions and cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until translucent. Stir constantly.

3. Add 1 tbsp jalapenos and all of the garlic. Sauté an additional 1 minute. Stir constantly.

4. Add flour and cook an additional 2 minutes. Stir constantly.

5. Raise heat to medium high and add cream and milk 1 cup at a time.

6. The sauce should come to a boil before each additional cup of cream or milk is added.

7. Add chicken stock, white pepper and parmesan cheese. Stir till smooth.

8. Stir in sour cream till completely incorporated, and remove from heat. See note.

9. Pour the sauce through a strainer then stir in the remaining 1 tbsp of jalapenos to taste.

Note: Once the sour cream has been added you should not allow the sauce to return to a boil because it will separate

Cranberry Salsa
1 12 oz bag of fresh cranberries
½ cup sugar
1 tbsp orange zest
2 oranges - peeled separated and diced
½ cup mangos (thaw if using frozen)
¼ cup cilantro
½ cup red onion finely diced
2 tsp ginger - fresh grated
1 tbsp jalapenos

To prepare:

1. Place cranberries in food processor and chop until finely diced.

2. Place cranberries in a bowl and toss well with the sugar.

3. Using the zester, scrape down the sides of the orange to remove zest. Mince the zest and place in the bowl with the cranberries.

4. Using a sharp knife cut the ends off the oranges, and then cut off all the remaining skin.

5. Chop the oranges in 1/4" pieces and remove any seeds that may be evident.

6. Place the oranges and any juice left on the cutting board with the cranberries.

7. Add the remaining ingredients and mix till thoroughly blended.

8. Place in appropriate containers, cover, label, date and refrigerate.
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Karen (iCook)
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That does look good, but I hate to admit that we are as stuck in our leftover turkey meals as we are with the Thanksgiving Day meal. Here Turkey Divan and Turkey Noodle Soup are must haves!
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Oh YUM! That looks like it might be Saturday nights dinner! Thanks for sharing!
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Duly copied! thanks Karen, that really looks yummy!
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Yep, I'll be making these (well, in a lightened version...)! Thanks for posting.

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I made these tonight, and they were GREAT!

But I seriously messed with the recipe. Vicci, if you're still interested, I lightened the recipe BIG time but not on purpose.

-I thought I had plenty of half and half in the fridge....NOT! So I combined 2 cups half and half with 2 cups chicken stock for the sauce.

-I had several open packages of Mexican Blend cheeses in the cheese drawer, so I cleaned those out.

-The assembly seemed kinda labor intensive for serving, so I rolled up the cheese and turkey, put them in a casserole, poured the sauce over (didn't use it all), sprinkled with a little more cheese, and baked them for 30 minutes.

-OS brought a cranberry chutney and there was a little leftover Fresh Cranberry Salad (which I didn't even sample Thursday) left, so I served that on the side.

-Served the rest of the leftover green bean casserole for a side.


-I'd be curious what it would be like in the full fat version, but it was terrific as I made it.

-I'll use ALL the sauce next time.

I would definitely do these again. They were very good.
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Great notes, Daphne. Sounds great either way. May have to try this with some chicken. Frozen turkeys and turkey breasts ARE available here, but cost almost twice as much as chicken. Plus, a turkey IS a little much for just one person.
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Thanks for bringing this recipe up Daphne-- I had forgotten about it. We really enjoyed it last year and as I remember I lightened it by:

sauteing the onion, etc. in a tablespoon of oil in a nonstick skillet

Mixed the flour in some of the milk and brought it to a boil, stirring (to lose the floury taste), for a few minutes. Then adding 2 cups each milk ("enhanced" skim milk) and chicken stock

I cut the parm to 1/3 cup, and used light sour cream.

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I am making this tonight for dinner. I will be making the full-fat version and will report what I think. Vicci and Daphne, I sure admire your ability and willingness to 'lighten' recipes. I wish my brain and my heart were able to do that. Your notes are so helpful though, and inspiring.
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Hey, don't give me credit...LOL! I only did it because I didn't have enough half and half. You're talking to the person who, instead of running to the store the other day to get milk, used half and half in those Parker House Rolls! AND chose to dip them in butter before baking...LOL! But they were SO good!
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