What's For Dinner - Sunday, Nov. 29th?
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Well, we're going Hawaiian today. This a.m. we're having 'the ultimate french toast' from one of the Hawaiian books using Hawaiian bread. (and champagne...)

dinner will be Baked Gon Lo Mein (using a pkg. of my char siu pork) and stir fried bok choy from another Hawaiian book.

What are you all up to?
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My husband's blood pressure seems to be elevated so rather than leftover corned beef, I just found a Cooking Light recipe for "Chicken w/Lime Sauce". Basically a lime/dijon sauce. I'll make some steamed rice and a veggie, probably some simple steamed carrots.

A little too much eating, drinking and being merry around here this weekend. Time to dial it back a little.
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We're having the Char Siu-glazed Pork and Pineapple Buns, but I think we're just going to skip the buns. It sounds like it would be fine without. But I do have popcorn bread if anybody decides they want to "sandwich" it. I've got some bok choy, also. The leftover T'day rice will go to make fried rice. I'm also putting our Lechon Asado in the marinade this afternoon.

BTW, I tried the overnight oven trick with my turkey carcass. I decided I wanted to do that instead of the soup this year.
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I have a turkey breast in brine - depending on whether or not we get to the store . . . creamed cabbage or mashed taters, a veggie, and ????

We're still winterizing - so I'm not sure if we'll get into town; it's 30 minutes each way not counting the time to shop.
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Spare-ribs with a fruit salad----pears on lettuce with a sour cream dressing (other goodies on top).
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We went to a friend's house for Thanksgiving, and all the food was consumed, so I went out and bought a fresh turkey (just 12 lbs). Now I can have my leftovers. Call me crazy...

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We did appys, I posted pics in the Leftover thread I sometimes think playing with leftovers is more fun than round one
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Denise, the appy's sound fun!

I made the original Hot brown Casserole that Old Bay posted. It was a hit - The kids loved it. I also thought it was very good - maybe just a little kick needed for me. But very good. Thanks Old Bay.

And Viccy, if my kids were not so skinny, a light version would be appreciated. Me, not so skinny, but went full fat just because it was made! Yummm!
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  Re: Re: Roast Turkey! by esgunn (Denise, the appy's ...)
We wound up with roast turkey breast (roasted over sliced onions, clemetines, and little baby apples), butternut squash gnocchi, with a brown butter sauce, a nice cider gravy, and brussles sprouts with diced bacon and shallots. Cousin Roy,and John & Vicki joined us for dinner and it was a lovely night! The farm boys enjoyed some marble rye with their dinner.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Oh butternut gnocchi...arg why didn't I think of that? HHmm it's not too late is it

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