Recipe review - 'Pecan Pie' Cheesecake #78
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It's taken me a while to post this, but I really enjoy others' reviews, so here I go!

My family loves both pecan pie and cheesecake, so this hit the must-do list for Thanksgiving. This was a wonderful dessert...a bit over-the-top sweet for me, but I eat dessert maybe once or twice a month, so it's not to hard to get really sweet. The sauce was tasty enough that my friend poured some into a cup so she could eat it with a spoon.

I used Jack Daniel's instead of bourbon, because it was what was available (We spent Thanksgiving at a small lake house in a rural area). The alcohol was more pronounced and harsh on the first day than the second, so I'll probably make the sauce while the cake bakes next time to give it time to mellow. However, real bourbon might take care of that problem.

Overall, this is definitely a keeper, but won't replace my family's favorite pumpkin pie as a Thanksgiving staple. I think that the sweetness of the dessert would be better after a lighter meal, y'know?
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Thanks for your review, Karyn. This dessert sounded ├╝ber-sweet to me, but then again, I find pecan pie, itself, to be so. The flavours of the two elements of this would seem to complement each other well, though.
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Karyn, my family LOVES both desserts, so I'll have to take a look at this! Thanks for the review! I loved that part where your friend ate the sauce with a spoon...LOL! Well done!
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Thanks for the review Karyn. I was debating making this for Thanksgiving also instead of a traditional birthday cake for my daughters. I ended up making a pumpkin roll torte with walnuts instead and it was definately a hit, but I'm still thinking about this cheesecake.

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Hmmm, hadn't even looked at that recipe, sounds good, tho.
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