AND where is PJCOOKS!!!!
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Just a thought!!
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  Re: AND where is PJCOOKS!!!! by Roxanne 21 (Just a thought!!...)
Oh dear, do I need to hunt her down too?

Everything tastes better Alfresco!
  Re: Re: AND where is PJCOOKS!!!! by chef_Tab (Oh dear, do I need t...)
She's been really busy, I think she is still working two depts. at the college still.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
  Re: Re: AND where is PJCOOKS!!!! by cjs (She's been really bu...)
If I remember correctly, her husband and son moved to another town so that son could go to a certain school for some reason...I think athletics. So this was really going to stretch her time out even more.

But pop in before the holidays, PJ, even if just for a minute to say "Hi"! We miss you!
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