What are you serving for Christmas Dinner???
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We usually travel to visit my family for several days at Christmas, but this is the first year (ever) that I will not be with them on Christmas (my SIL is "too busy" to drive from NJ to pick up her mother for the annual Christmas visit, alternately named by me as "two weeks of freedom", and we don't want to leave her alone for the holiday). So, not wanting to whine or anything, I am trying to figure out what to have for dinner. It will need to be poultry, since DH and I will feast on extra-jumbo shrimp on Christmas Eve.
I just have to decide...

What is everyone else planning on?

Oh, I ordered a rectangular tart pan for a marzipan-raspberry tart for dessert.

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Vicci when did you find your inner baker? Lol I'm still searching for mine I love breads and rolls, but thinking about making desserts terrifies me.

This Christmas we will have dinner on Christmas Eve. I will probably do a standing rib roast (and still do a small game hen for Laura who won't eat beef). Everything else I'm going to take from the "It's On" post So much on that thread just sounds YUMMY!

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This isn't a done deal, yet, but a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, a friend who has opened his own restaurant asked me to help cook for Christmas and said he is anticipating 40 to 50 guests. One thing we're considering is a FULL Lechón Asado - cooked in a pit, and everything. He may also want some soups and desserts from me, aside from just helping him with whatever else he has planned. It will be a LOT of work, but do hope to be involved, since it will be a LOT of fun, too!
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Labs, that sounds like fun (and tasty). We'll drive to Baltimore Christmas morning . My BIL does brunch for the whole family. Supper is various soups / breads at someone's house. New Year's day is the turkey with all the trimmimgs. I sure miss not cooking Christmas dinner.
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Maybe I could travel to Central America and spend the day cooking with Labs and his friends... Or, it would be closer to go to Baltimore and crash Lorraine's BIL's brunch...

Denise, I have always enjoyed baking but have to curb how often I do so since there's just DH and myself to eat the results. Except at the holidays when I can have my fun, then give the goodies away and be thought of as generous!!!

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Well, I sent a tentative menu to Tracie about Christmas dinner with the caveat 'it could change momentarily' and it already has. I've gone from Vichyssoise to Sherried Black Bean Soup with Shrimp. So, that's how it's going for ours.

Altho, she found beef tenderloin on sale and picked it up, so we're firm with that.

But, since we were like Theresa, no leftovers, Monkey bread (savory) and pumpkin pie WILL BE MADE!!
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I haven't decided yet. We have a nice meal on Christmas Eve and then spend Christmas day at my SIL's for the afternoon and then on to my sister's for the evening. I need to consult with the fam to see if there is a special request this year.
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A meat and cheese board has been requested for early afternoon with Ruby sippers, but the cocktail is not firm. I KNOW I'll have to do Jean's Crab Stuffed Mushrooms or Ashley will refuse to come, but other appies are still in the air....too many choices! I'm still searching for a soup starter. For a salad course, I'm thinking the crab avocado salad thing I posted on the It's On thread. I'm pretty firm on the standing rib roast, but can't decide between the potatoes Cubangirl posted and the Rosemary Crusted Potatoes. The bread will probably be either the Monkey Bread, the Blue Cheese Bites, or garlic bread. I haven't even thought about dessert. Last year, we wound up having dessert the next day. We're not big sweets eaters. I need something light.

Now that I think about it, I could probably send this and the "It's On" Thread to Ashley, and she would quickly make choices. But like Jean, everything is still tentative.
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Since both our children have in-laws, divorced in-laws, and some out-laws to visit on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and our house is last on their list (so they can finally rest and have a beverage or two), Mister is smoking a turkey for cold cuts and the like. I am going to make that pumpkin pie that was in C@H last year that has the ginger snaps and crystalized ginger in it. I make it in the mini tart pans for the smaller hands and mouths.
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My mother-in-law wants to have Christmas Eve at her house this year. It will be spectacular as she is the master of holidays. I will take cocktail meatballs, a baked brie appy, and a tray of cookies.

Holly wants to do a "casual" Christmas day at her house since the little ones will all be up late the night before, early in a.m. to open presents, and ready for naps by afternoon, so a Christmas buffet is in the works.

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