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Does anyone have an eReader like Amazon's Kindle or ordered the Barnes and Noble Nook?
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I've been looking at that Kindle for a while now. I'll be anxious to hear what others say. I haven't seen the Nook, yet.
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I went to Barnes and Noble, several stores have demo's available. The only down side I've heard is the delay in turning pages. I read pretty fast and if the nook takes 2-3 seconds to refresh to the new page I can see that getting frustrating.

I wish I could borrow one for a week.
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My sister has a Kindle and likes it a lot. I'm still in the "dark ages" and reading from paper!
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I don't think I can get rid of pages. I am way behind the curve. What if I drop in the hot tub - I am screwed! Instead of a $10.00 book - it is a $200 ereader. Not so good.
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I'm still using my Palm Pilot. LOL!

The CBS Early Show just reviewed a few models the other day.
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Ok I went down and played with the Nook for about an hour today. My final decision is neither.

The technology is there but I think we're going to see a lot of issues with publishers, copyrights etc.

Also there is something about holding a $300 device thinking if you had dropped a book not so bad, you drop this, bad.

Also I was able to crash it 4 times in 30 minutes. That didn't bode well.l although I was able to diganose what was crashing and avoid it, most wouldn't know and that can be frustrating.

Egronomically the Nook feels a lot better when you hold it.

So I will re-evaluate in one year. By then Kindle may have their K3 out, Nook will probably have a couple of firmware updates if not a new version and there is hope that Apple's eReader will be released.
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Thanks for the investigation, Denise! I guess I'm with you...I'll wait another year. I'm also thinking about the audio books. I still haven't looked into that.
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Bob and I are soooooooo hooked on Audiobooks. The only time I can't listen (read) is when I'm doing something that takes concentration (ie C@H). I can "read" myself to sleep, while I'm doing dishes, laundry, cleaning house, cooking, etc.

I gather we can get external speakers so we can listen in the shower, or wherever we can't take our Fuzes' and earbuds.

We each have an subscription @ 14.95 per month. (I had 3 months at 7.49 per). That gives you 1 credit - most books are 1 credit, few are more. They also have sales with books running 4 or 5 $$$$. Advantages - they keep a "library" of the books you've purchased, the books download to your computer and they are yours!

Many libraries are now offering downloadable books. Of course when your checkout time expires so do the books.

Drawbacks - the "earbuds" are fragile, and people think you are anti-social.

Just my .02! There are lots of devices - just be sure they will play "WMA" files - even some cell phones will, most computers running windows media player will also play audiobooks.
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"most computers running windows media player will also play audiobooks." I didn't think about that! My one big drawback that I keep coming back to is that I'm a visual learner...I learn best when I SEE something...thus listening to a book may not work.

So Sharon, do they have a trial? You I can "see" if this would be a "fit" for me?
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