What's for Dinner - Sat - 12/19??
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Need to see what you all are up to - need some ideas.
So, what's up with you all?

Just a note on the pizza tasting last night - if anyone needs to make pizza for a large crowd, making it in a half-sheet baking pan worked great.

28 - 30 oz. of pizza dough rolled thin (larger than the sheet pan; spray pan with baking spray and sprinkle with cornmeal. Lay the dough on the sheet pan and trim just to the inside edge of pan (this keeps the dough from shrinking).

Layer on the sauce and toppings - the amount to tell you is a little difficult if you don't have the pizza book, but the amount of toppings for a 10-12" pizza plus 1/2 worked just perfect. 1 1/2 times the amount for a 10-12".

There was a 5 burner gas grill to use, and with 3 burners on high and 2 inner burners off, sheet on those 2 unlit burners - this worked great. The last minute I put the pan on the lit burners to crisp up the bottom of the crust.

So, that's how we did it and everyone loved both pizzas. 96 pces. per sheet (1 1/2" bites), 4 sheet pan pizzas and there was maybe 1/3 of a sheet pan left. Let me tell you I was really intimidated thinking how to do this, but I'm so glad it worked. Whew!
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Slow-cooked Morrocan Short Ribs. Perfect for a snowy day like today!! Just got done prepping them and the smell of the cinnamon/cumin/ginger/tumeric is just so wonderful!

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I have no clue! Today is baking day, so it'll be something easy.
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I'm making Baleadas completely from scratch, but finally taking the time to write down ALL the pertinent information as I go along (e.g. the beans just got done, and now I'll be making the tortillas). It will be very comprehensive, so I shall post it as a separate thread later on, once I have it all edited nicely.
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I had to look up what Baleadas are - I can't wait for that thread. Anyway, like Daphne I am baking a little today - did most of it last Saturday with my girls. But Mister has a touch of something so we are not planning a "meal" tonight. Just whatever we want to eat - if we want to eat. We are having ribs tomorrow though - I just took the membrane off and put on a rub so hopefully he will be 100% tomorrow.
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Lamb chops, sauteed potatoes and broccolini----he's getting his appetite back and I have to get the protein going BIG TIME!!!
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We are heading off to a party thrown by one of hubby's coworkers. I just made the brie stuffed mushrooms to bring along. They sure look good, glad I doubled the recipe. I hope I can resist temptation until we get them there. I have been snacking on the brie. Dinner will be a mishmosh from the party spread.

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Jean, sounds like it went very well! He had roasted off whole turkey breasts Saturday morning for the wedding that didn't happen, so I took home all the goop and made turkey soup. Perfect for a snow day.
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