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Hi All,

Aside form Julia Child's Mastering of French Cuisine ...what is your favorite French Cuisine Cookbook. I love Julia Childs recipes but by the time you make even the simplest thing...most of the kitchen is destroyed with dirty pots and pans. Have any suggestions for an easier book?

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I don't have any, but will be really anxious to see if anyone has any suggestions for you!
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I have "Adventures In French Cooking" by Miriam Guidroz (1970). It has some great basic recipes. I picked it up at a yard sale years ago, and refer to it often.
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At first, I thought, I don't own a French Cuisine cookbook. But on reflection, I guess you could say I do, if you consider Jacques Pepin's Fast Food My Way, French Cuisine. If I'm thinking correctly, he took some of his favorite home recipes and simplified them, keeping all the flavor. I have tried several of the recipes and have been very happy with the book. I really want to get more of his books.
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The only other French things I have are Patricia Wells at Home in Provence and Jacques Pepin's Simple and Healthy Cooking, but I haven't even seen those in a while, since they are back in the States.

Although I haven't made a lot from those, I have made a few things. One that was particularly interesting was the recipe for Crêpe Purses with Mushroom Duxelles. For that, freshly made crêpes were filled with duxelles, then the edges were gathered up and ribbons of green-onions were tied around them to form a money-bag-style purse. That was from the Pepin book.
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Jacques Pepin, Patricia Wells, Pierre Franey (sp? - I'm not home), horsepuckie, can't remember the others I have that I like.
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Jean, I have Pierre Franey Cooks With Friends--love it --not really basic though. I also have Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home--a wonderful loving debate over nuances in basic French cooking!! It is educational AND fun!!
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Have both and I agree what fun they are!!
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.

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