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My daughters are both taking such an interest in cooking and baking this year! In fact, both of their Christmas requests were cooking related, much to my amazement. Anyway, Holly was telling me about an easy thin mint recipe that she heard about.

All you do is melt down some mint Hershey kisses and dip Ritz crackers in the mixture. Sounds weird and I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone else heard of this?

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I bet it would be good. I'm not a big mint and chocolate fan, but I HAVE had goodies with salty crackers and a sugary syrup thing my aunt used to make. The sweet and salty worked very well together.
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Sweet and salty - YES!! As a kid (well, maybe past that ), I loved chocolate milkshakes and soda crackers. Oh, and remember sweet fresh milk and soda crackers???
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No, I don't, Jean, but I had a neighbor who loved that.

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