Merry Christmas,everyone!
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It's officially Christmas, and I'm ahead of schedule with all my Christmas dinner prep, so I'm taking these first few minutes of the day to wish all of you a wonderful and safe Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year!

And here's a toast to Billy, we all miss you.


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Merry Christmas Everyone! - and hope for 2010 to be the best yet.

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Way to go, PJ! You're a pro all the way! Feeding 25 and ahead of schedule...very cool!

I'm a LITTLE behind, but not much. My brownies didn't get made yet and the vinaigrette is still to be made, but hey, I figure William is doing breakfast in the morning, so Ashley and I will be able to knock out that stuff WAY before we have to leave. Tonight was very relaxed standing around in the kitchen grazing...UGH! My bread made in my new pans turned out PERFECT...Thanks again Cis! I'm LOVING this recipe!

Merry Christmas all! I'll see you tomorrow!
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Merry Christmas all, I am off to bed too!

The presents have been placed, the stockings stuffed, the cookies eaten with the appropriate amount of crumbs left. The carrots have been stashed and the milk - well poured down the drain - I can only do so much - if only santa drank a nice merlot!

The fireplace opened and ash spilled oh so carefully out - I think we are ready. If only it could start at 8AM instead of 6AM! oh well.

Best wishes to all, and to all a good night.
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" if only santa drank a nice merlot!" I remember sentiments like that, Erin - that's funny!

Just got up and I'm thinking I'd better get in and line up the ingredients for the pie, so I can get them in the oven between going to GreatGrandson's as soon as he calls (Santa stops at his house first) and when we all troop back over here for the rest of Christmas. Once those are made, it's smooth sailing for the rest of the day. Easy dinner.

I was a little over the top whe I posted last night, but sometime when you have your whole family together, a pizza party is the most fun. I had the doughs made and the toppings/sauces prepped ahead of time. Seven different kids (from 13 to 40-something) put them together and grilled them. Did one in the oven so they could see how that is done. They all just had a ball.
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Just got done opening our presents and I'm getting ready for MIL.

Merry Christmas to all!!

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We just got finished opening presents and breakfast is over...time to bake brownies and prep to leave for Mom's.

Jean, my kids think your Christmas Eve dinner was way cool!
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We're having Christmas with Jane's kids this morning--Merry Christmas to all, and a wonderful 2010!!!
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Well, we're all home safely...boy did we have a huge downpour part of the way and LOTS of ponding water. Ashley and Will are back in Wilmington. Dinner was ONLY 2 and a half hours late. But at least she called. That gave me time to bake up the rest of my cookie dough for Ashley to give her boyfriend's parents. They sent us a NY cheesecake. It's almost as good as mine.

The roast came out PERFECT! Mom was really impressed! Thanks Laura for the link and others with confirmation that it works with all sizes. This is surely the way to go.

BTW, Bill, the brownies are awesome and very easy! Ashley took half home with her...thank goodness!
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I am so glad everyone had a good Christmas

This was the first year I got to have Derek home for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Daphne I'm glad you posted. I was so wondering how the roast came out! What was the final doness in the middle?

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