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Making some more cookies for a New Year's cruise. At the top is Mandel Bread, a Jewish cookie. Underneath are Pizzelle, a flat Italian pressed cookie. Both taste great, but aren't so good for you!! LOL.

Still to make today and tomorrow are Rugelach (another Jewish cookie) and Chocolate Crinkles. I'll post photos when they are done.


[Image: cookies1.jpg]
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Cookies look great - Ive never heard of the Mandel Bread , but love the Pizzelle. Ruglach and Chocolate Crinkle are among our favorite.

How did the Chocolate Torte turn out?

Thanks for the Pictures.

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Okay...I may be ready to raid the fridge/counter for sweets! Those look awesome, Mac!
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Thanks Daphne!!

Hi Marye, the torte was awesome. I liked it with the espresso instead of boring hot chocolate. I had a little problem getting it to the party in a taxi in 85 degree heat, all of the confectioner's sugar on the torte melted, but I took some with me and was able to touch up before presenting.

Mandel bread is good, it's sweet and has a unique look because the walnuts are sliced into cross sections when the loaf is sliced before final baking. Thais apparently like crispy things, so the pizzelle and mandel bread fit the bill.
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All looks really good!!
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