Anyone Eating Tonight - 12/28??
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We'll stop at the Casino on the way home, so won't start cooking again until tomorrow night.

What are you all up to?

And...are all the New Years Eve dinner menu set? Our friend, Houseboat Don, may show up for New Years and he always wants to learn new cooking methods, so have no idea what we'll do this visit.
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My inlaws are in town and the apartment is really too small for all of us to sit and eat so we will be dining out tonight. It is actually a welcome relief after the past week of trying to squeeze in all of the daughters' favorite meals.

No plans for New Years yet. Although a rib roast sounds pretty good to me.

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I like the idea of the rib roast for New Year's after reading Daphne's post on hers. But, we are also thinking of having an oyster roast so not sure yet.

For tonight we are having a lighter fare from the holiday meals - tofu soba noddle soup!!! (Mister requested this)
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I'm doing Jean's Ham, Leek, and Three Cheese Quiche with a salad on the side.

I'm still working on the New Year's menu, but Shrimp and Grits with the Crab Salad Cups are pretty set.
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We're having left over King Ranch Chicken.
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Left overs are done, tamales are consumed, so today marks our first day of eating right again. I'm going shopping tonight for veggies, fish and chicken.

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It's corn and cheddar chowder tonight (with chicken in it for the carnivore). I also bought some of those frozen La Brea Bakery french rolls to bake - had never seen those before.

We really need to start trimming up too. Three months until I must don a bathing suit and this 47 year old body just ain't what it used to be!
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Oh my 47 year old body has felt and looked like a 60 year body for ages! I just got tired of it this year so gonna buckle down and eat right.

Chocolate is still a major food group yes?
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It is the last Monday night football game - so Pizza and salad over at the in-laws.
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Leftover rib, leftover shrimp, leftover lobster salad, leftover rolls......If ya gotta eat leftovers, this is the way to go


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