Happy Birthday Erin!!
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Ok so I'm early it's not till tomorrow (2/1), but wanted to wish you a very happy birthday!!! I also want to know if the kids make you breakfast and what they make
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Well, then that will be a good way to close out my day, as well.

Happy birthday, Erin!
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Have a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!!!

It's the 1st here so I'm on time---for once!!!

I hope your schedule is slowing down a bit so that you can enjoy your special day!!!
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So I log on early this morning, see the birthday list and figure I can initiate the greetings, but NOOOO, Denise the late bird is on the ball!!!

Happy Birthday, Erin. Hope it is not too hectic and the family gives you extra pampering!
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Happy Birthday Erin! Will there be cupcakes made by chef Stephanie? Your kids seem so sweet, I can't wait to hear what they have planned for you.

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Erin - Enjoy this day! hope you get a big Birthday Cake - and a great dinner!

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Due to icy roads, I get to check in early today.

Happy Birthday, Erin! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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Happy Birthday Erin. Have a wonderful day and may all your wishes come true - today and over the years.
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Happy Birthday Erin Hope it's a really good one too!
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Wow, another year under your belt, Miss!! Have a great day and I hope you can have a day of rest for a change.
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