Dinner #2 @ Yamaguchi's
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The ambiance and waitstaff beat out Honolulu's Roy Yamaguchi, but I was sorry to taste the difference in food. It was very good, but....

The highlight of the dinner for me was the Kobe Carpaccio - absolutely wonderful, the epitome of how simple can be so outstanding.

[Image: KobeCarpaccio.jpg]

We chose a bottle of Tobin James (our favorite California winery) 2007 Ballistic - and it went with all the food of the evening.

I fell in love with the butterfish in Honolulu, so gave in and ordered it again, 'cause I can't find it here to buy. The fish was perfect, but the side flavors were harsh and bland (if you can have that together).
Hawaiian Style Misoyaki Butterfish
[Image: Butterfish.jpg]

Roy chose Li Hing Mui Honey Glazed Half of Duck - the duck was a little overdone and dry, but the flavor was wonderful.
[Image: Honey-GlazedDuck.jpg]

Yamaguchi's signature dessert Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle, again was very good, but just not as moist and luscious as Honolulu's. Forgot to take a picture until we were almost done...
[Image: MeltingChocSouffle.jpg]

Chef Charles Andres was off last night - at home with his new baby, and the Sous Chef (darn, missed his name) was a mini-Morimoto, a real cutie - just wish he'd had better control of the kitchen.

We'll keep trying Roy's restaurants as we find them - but, I'm sure we'll keep comparing to Hawaii.

Edited to add - I forgot the edammames!! (thanks, WannaBeTVChef). When you sit down, the first thing to arrive at the table is a plate of delicious edammames in the shell, that you suck all the flavors from as you dig for the bean. They are tossed with s&p, sugr, sesame seed and 5-spice. YUM!
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Wow, well it sure looks pretty! Sorry it wasn't quite as good as your other experience.

How can you beat Hawaii though...
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Jean, it looks wonderful! Doesn't everything taste better in Paradise? It isn't easy to recreate that perfect dinner out......but it sure is fun trying! So glad you and Roy are enjoying yourselves. Keep posting, it's even fun hearing (and seeing) about it.

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I'm living vicariously through your posts this week...

It's a shame that your first meal at Yamaguchi's in Hawaii was so stellar that this one failed to compare, but you know-- try, try again!

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I hate that your meal didn't measure up, but it certainly looks delicious. Like the others, I agree, it's hard to find something equal when the bar is set so high. But like Vicci said...try, try again. I'm sure you're up for the challenge to take one for the team...LOL!
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oh yeah -
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Well at least your meal looked great! Gosh the photos you take are great. I think I've asked you this before, but what kind of camera do you have! My photos never turn out that spectactular.

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Jean what was the sauce on the carpaccio? That looks wonderful!
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You know, I couldn't figure out exactly what sauce it was, Denise (and forgot to ask), but something like a piquante sauce but with a more caperish flavor than gherkin...it was very good.
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