Tuesday Dinner, Mar. 2nd??
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Dinner with more great friends tonight - well, really they are our adopted kids, neighbors from up on the hill when we were in the barn. She, Kelly, used to come on here once in a while - great, fun folks and it's going to be a late, late night...have no idea what we'll be eating, but it will be good.

We'll also have to see what other damage the old S.O.B. has done to our vineyard and acreage. (jerk)

What are you all up to?
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It's snowing in Atlanta, AGAIN! I feel like pasta, so I think I'm going to do a skillet pasta recipe with sausage, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan, and baby spinach. Quick easy comfort food!
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It's snowing here too. I think it will be clean out the fridge night. Haul it all out and heat it.
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I'm going to make the scallop and rice noodle recipe in the new magazine tonight. I couldn't find wide rice noodles in the Asian section of my usual store, so I bought some rice spaghetti in the pasta section.

Should I make a special stop at the Asian grocer for wide rice noodles? I could if the substitution is not a good idea.
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Jeannette, I am still totally clueless about Asian noodles, so no help here.

Well, I had a stressful day finishing progress reports at school, printer ink running out...then came home to drama with youngest son...small accident, no one hurt....MERCY!

I looked in the freezer and pulled out some pork tenderloins, but can't decide what to make. I'll weigh in later when I figure it out...they're thawing now. Good thing...I needed a break and a big girl drink!!!
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  Re: Tuesday Dinner, Mar. 2nd?? by cjs (Dinner with more gre...)
If you see this before you leave - give Kelly a hello hug from us.

I'm trying to make up my mind, grind beef and make meatloaf or a gratineed onion and fennel soup. Hmmmmm.
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Sharon, if you're still on, check out Bill's Fontina Crusted Fennel Soup recipe in the Open that Bottle Night thread!

I've had enough stress for one day, so I've decided to keep it simple. I'm going to use a rub and BBQ sauce on the tenderloins and serve with corn-on-the-cob (which I've been craving) and spinach salad with pine nut dressing. The spinach salad is not William's favorite, but he's got plenty of spring mix with cukes, red onion, and grape tomatoes that he can have with a choice of 3 home made dressings...blue cheese, Greek, or Italian.
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