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I was planning to make the waffle muffins in the most recent issue and came the the ingredient malt powder. After researching online, I found that there are 2 types....diastatic & non-diastatic. Does anyone know which one should be used in this recipe?

Thanks in advance!
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Hmmm, looking into the non-diastatic versus diastatic, looks like you can use either - according to King Arthur baking info. It's used to aid in rising breads.

Welcome to the forum, winkelmom - hope you'll come back and review the muffins, I'm thinking of making them also.
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Welcome, winkelmom! Hope your waffle muffins turn out well. Not even sure I can get ANY kind of malt powder here except, perhaps, if it's already part of a chocolate-milk mix. LOL! Now I'll have to look.
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Got a note today from one of the associate editors. The recipe is calling for malted milk powder. I'll let you know how the muffins turn out!!!

Thanks for all the help!

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