T.G.I.F. Dinner - 3/19?
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What on the menu for everyone?

I'm doing something with corned beef and leftover bubble & squeak.
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The weather here has been perfect this week. I have to grill. Last night I made pork satays and tonight I am grilling chicken breasts. I am making the bean/roasted pepper side from the Cuisine Light Book as a side/topping and probably steamed aspargus too.

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Well, I'm wavering. I bought a London Broil cut of beef to do a new Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry. Sadly, I'm out of flank steak. But after having the Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry last night and with the WONDERFUL weather today, I'm itching to do London Broil on the grill. We'll see.

Okay, plan C! I'm on the deck watching a pretty sun set over the lake in a sleeveless top and shorts with a glass of wine. William has decided to spend the night at the farm and left me to my own devices for dinner. I've got a chicken breast thawing...no clue what to do with it. Everything I think of requires pasta and I have none and no inclination to make any on a Friday night....LOL! But I sure am enjoying some WONDERFUL alone time!

Plan D...LOL! I just remembered a lone rib eye steak I hid in the freezing unit. I just dug it out to thaw, put a 'tater in the oven, and will add some steamed broccoli with some cheese.
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The weather is beautiful here as well. Both of my boys were home from college and wanted beef. We grilled a tri-tip. I did a reverse sear for the first time, and the meat came out a perfect medium rare. I was really pleased. I served it with an asparagus, red pepper, goat cheese and spinach salad. The salad was delicious...definitely a keeper as well.

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